Kishan (Rajesh Khanna), the rich and spoiled son, studying medicine in college, of a wealthy man (Om Prakash) is taught a lesson in humility by fellow student, Madhu (Hema Malini), and he undergoes a dramatic transformation, and also falls in love with her. Their dreams are shattered when Madhu is killed by Kapilkumar (Danny Denzongpa), and a devastated Kishan relocates to a small village to practice medicine. He meets with Chanchal, an exact look-alike of Madhu, and finds himself drawn towards her, and she too is attracted to him. But does fate have positive results for Kishan?

Kishan (Rajesh Khanna), the rich and spoiled son, studying medicine in college, of a wealthy man (Om Prakash) is taught a lesson in humility by fellow student, Madhu (Hema Malini), and he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bandish torrent reviews

Val H (br) wrote: What has research accomplished?

Anh H (us) wrote: A very beautiful and haunting tragedy. Purely cinematographic. However, one should not watch this in a bad mood, for its dark tone and slow pace could drive one crazy. Rachel Weisz gives an absolutely breathtaking performance, depicting a victim of passion and the illusion of love. The supporting cast also bring their A game. But.. would I ever watch this again? Maybe not. After all, I don't enjoy watching others suffer and this Terence Davis's adaptation is just way too heavy for me.

Arianna M (es) wrote: i loved the movie it was great you guys need to see it

Zach B (it) wrote: So, forget the travesty that was "The Punisher" (2004). Finally, we get a faithful adaptation of this character. Let me start by saying the look & tone of this movie is spot on. Is it dark, gritty, and stylized? Yes. Is it over the top and a little too cartoon-ish at times? Yes. Should it be? Yes. The problem with the 2004 film was that it tried to focus on the flimsy plot and just as flimsy characters. This film however is fast paced, exciting like reading one of the "War Zone" comics. When it needs to slow down, it does, and it doesn't feel like an anchor. When the movie picks up, it REALLY picks up and keeps you entertained.Now with all this being said, the movie definitely has its flaws. Ray Stevenson is great as Frank Castle. Looks like the character, and doesn't over, (or for that matter) under do it. He plays Castle well and it's a reason the movie is as good as it is. However, everyone else casted in this feels very amateur. Dominic West is such a poor acted stereotype that by the time he makes his transformation, you feel as if you're watching Daffy Duck of the "Looney Tunes". Everyone seems pretty disposable, Newman especially, but in the end it's Stevenson that holds this movie together.So, if you're already familiar with the punisher this would be the movie to watch. If you're not familiar and are just a fan of genre action movies, you will still definitely enjoy this.

Mark K (ag) wrote: Great documentary about the outrage caused when a college in conservative Utah decided to let Michael Moore speak. Really shocking at what lengths people were willing to go just to prevent this....

John B (de) wrote: It was ok overall, nice story, but, short on laughs

Justin O (gb) wrote: Another great legal drama, with a great performance by Samuel L. Jackson.

Cliff M (de) wrote: Jean Reno's commanding performance is done so with such few words. The hitman with a heart.

Toshi B (us) wrote: The movie was amazing honestly even though I wasn't even born at the time it really shows you how it used to be back then. I recommend you watch it with a girlfriend because it's a wonderful movie on date night

Allan C (nl) wrote: Goofy but entertaining sequel to "Class of 1984" has no connection to that first film except for the writer/director and that teenagers are out of control. This time around the film is less torn-from-the-headlines and takes a more science fiction rounds, making this sequel something of a cross between "Escape from New York" and "The Blackboard Jungle." High schools are out of control and some parts of the United States are so bad they have been declared "free fire zones" in which even police will not enter. In these areas, the savages rule themselves and in one free fire zone in Seattle is a high school that is so violent the principal, Malcolm McDowell (who filmed his part in two days), hires a ponytailed scientist, Stacy Keach, to bring in his robot teachers, who are played by Pam Grier, John P. Ryan, and Patrick Kilpatrick (you don't know his name, but you'd recognize him as a perennial bad guy character actor). The protagonist of the film is Bradley Gregg who part of a good gang, that also includes Joshua Miller who memorably played the creepy kid in "The River's Edge" and "Near Dark." and Darren E. Burrows who played Ed Chigliak on "Northorn Exposure." There's also Traci Lind as the pretty new girl who is also the principal's daughter. It's a pretty funny set up that I think had the potential to be a clever satire, but the film really just degenerates into a dull low budget sci-fi action flick. Two stars for the set up and the film's opening act, but the rest of the film is pretty boring.

alex i (au) wrote: Beautiful and clever film. The cinematography is simply gorgeous. I could watch it again and again etc....

Louise B (gb) wrote: I don't remember much about this movie but I remember thinking it was funny when I was little.

Marylew B (nl) wrote: Seeing "the Skipper" as anyone else is just weird.