Two bank robbers fall in love with the girl they've kidnapped.

Joe (Bruce Willis) and Terry (Billy Bob Thornton) have escaped from prison and rob banks in order to finance their scheme for a new life. However, one day, they both fall in love with a bank officer they've kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colton M (us) wrote: Pretty dull. Especially in the beginning. Bill Murray is the saving grace of this whole endeavor. The story comes to a head somewhat nicely but boy does it take a long time to get there.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Capable if generic heist piece, showcasing the stars charisma more than anything else.

Sergio E (ca) wrote: Tarzan: I'm an ape. Kala: Be strong, be true, be forever *who you are*. Terk: How come no one else heard it? Tantor: I'm an elephant. I have 20-20 hearing. Zugor: I finally figured out what you are. A Tarzan! I have been a huge fan of Disney for years, but their sequels have tended to be rather disappointing, with weak scripts and/or bad animation plaguing the productions. After watching this, I must say, this is one of the best sequels to come from Disney. The animation quality is what most impressed me- it was cinema quality. The action sequences, effects, and the characters themselves were all rendered meticulously, with a lot of attention to light and color given as well.The characters' acting (both in animation and voice) was very good, and Turk (who I found obnoxious in the first film 'Tarzan') was actually very endearing this time around. I was impressed with the children's voice acting, as they had to carry a good amount of the film, and they managed to do a good job with both the humorous scenes and the few more serious ones.The adult voice acting was very very good, with some of the original cast such as Glenn Close and Lance Henriksen in the periphery, and the added great talents of George Carlin, Estelle Harris, Brad Garret and Ron Perlman. It is not a story as grande or powerful as the big Disney classics, and doesn't hold quite as much 'awe' as 'Tarzan', but it was a nice tale for kids, with enough humor and production quality that the adults can enjoy it as well.This straight-to-video Disney sequel, taking place when Tarzan is still a boy, is so perfectly executed, it feels as though it could've been additional material cut from the first movie. Tarzan, finding that he can't keep up with the other gorilla youngsters, begins to question who and what he is, and the film is more or less about his self-discovery and how he begins the transformation from just being a human boy to becoming the 'Tarzan' we all know and love. All of your favorite characters are back (except Jane and the professor of course), as well as the voice talents of Glenn Close as Kala and Lance Henrikson as Kerchak. The casting director did a wonderful job in finding a young voice talent to perfectly match the young Tarzan from the original. Furthermore, it appears that most of the original animators are back as well, for the animation is something to behold, and a few new songs as well as a reprise from the first film by Phil Collins make it that much more convincing. This film has the passion and heart that is usually lacking in the great majority of Disney sequels-you can really feel the care and respect for the material by all involved in the production. It's both touching and humorous, and not just for children-adults will find this amusing as well. Now if Disney will just follow suit and continue to make sequels such as this one, maybe they can actually put more than one every ten years in the theater.Disney succeeds in finally making a worthwhile sequel, much of the caliber of the original. Recommended to all-if you liked the original Tarzan, you'll like this one.Set back when Tarzan was just a boy, this is the story of Tarzan's journey to self-discovery. When Tarzan begins to see that he is not like the other gorillas, his mother Kala assures him that these slight differences only make him stronger. But when these differences put Kala in danger, he decides everyone would be better off without him and runs away. He then finds himself in a dark desolate land called Dark Mountain where he meets a new friend who helps him discover that even though he does not possess the talents of an ape, he has his own unique set of jungle skills that make him even more amazing than any other creature so that he can finally see who he truly is.The tale of Tarzan's misadventures as a boy as he searches for his true identity and the meaning of family.

Duan M (ag) wrote: cruel, sad, great...

borderlinefilms (de) wrote: Menage a QuatreYou may like Closer because of its flawed characters and their doomed relationships. I like it because it's square. The assorted combinations of love and friendship, scorn and resentment, among two males and two females are literally geometrical. Typically, the dependable love triangle pits three characters together, often a heterosexual convention establishing a male lead zig-zagging between two females, or a female lead choosing between two male suitors. What if we include an extra character? How many triangles can be made with four individuals? Four! And Closer expertly covers them all. Next time you see it, draw out a square with each character occupying a corner. Then connect each of the couplings and triangles as they occur, beginning with Julia-Jude-Natalie. Jude falls for Natalie, introduces her to Julia who gets intimate with her camera. The Jude-Clive-Julia triangle is a clever one. Clive is introduced when Jude seduces him online pretending to be Julia who he meets at the aquarium. Often when a movie script or stage play adheres to a strict formula, it turns out flat and predictable. Not Closer. Applying a quadrangular network forces each character to cover all the bases, tagging up every way possible, pushing each juncture to the limit.

Jared R (ag) wrote: A funny, touching, and tragic tale of an alcoholic film maker trying to live out the, "American Dream," a very honest and sincere film, great stuff

Brian C (gb) wrote: I loved the premise of this movie because it happened during a time where the world as a whole was nave to the possibility of GIS tracking, while we're in an age now where we have better resolutions and processing power, this movie was completely genius in it's time. my only criticism in this movie is that I didn't buy Gene Hackman in his role, I love him as an actor but felt this was ill cast.

Jessie (mx) wrote: When it comes to very low budget, sick, twisted slasher films.....this is THE BEST !! I was disgusted and laughing all at the same time.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Death Wish is a great revenge film that made Charles Bronson well known. He is great in this and I can see why some people say that he's one of the best action heroes. The action in this is good despite that there's always no people around except the bad guys and Charles Bronson which I find odd and perhaps, the only gripe I have. It made sense in some places, but there were places they were at where there should've been people there consider that it takes place in New York. If that's the only flaw that I can find, then there's nothing to worry about for Death Wish except the message which some people might actually do something like that and use the movie as an influence.

Adam C (nl) wrote: What a huge and refreshing surprise from the Hammer film studio. This is a Frankenstein film like no other, which Hammer is good at doing. It is a bloody, brutal, and sinister film that is far more sensational then I imagined it would be. Peter Cushing is at his evil best here as the cruelest Doctor Frankenstein in film history. Cushing really does hold his own in this film. What's also nice to see is that this film never gets bogged down in Frankenstein film cliches of the past. It really stands on its own feet. If your a horror fan this film will be sure to please. It's a bloody and well paced horror film.

Greg W (es) wrote: one of the first girls in prison yarns but the prison featured here is more like a summer resort.

James T (br) wrote: Filled with bizarre images, Cocteau's surreal poem is occasionally entrancing but mainly exceptionally dull. The problem with surreal cinema is that it means a lot to the director but rarely does that meaning communicate to a bemused audience. When attached to a workable plot, elements of the surreal can point and heighten the story as Bunuel discoverd in his better films; but sadly when the images have no coherence, the audience is left out in the cold, and such is the case here. It starts promisingly with a statue coming to life, giving the film its most memorable image as the artist deals with a whispering mouth in the palm of his hand. However any sort of through line is rapidly lost and by the time the film gets to the shiny black fairy, strolling down a staircase, it just seems laughable.

Alex r (de) wrote: European Vacation manages to be a mediocre comedy to a great film by basically recycling ideas explored in the first film and watering them down and in the process the film suffers from being a tedious unfunny follow-up that could have been so much better than what we got. Vacation was a great film, and they tried to recapture that vibe by navigating similar territory and not exploring fresh, new ideas. Sure, the setting is different but the humor is the same, except now, it's watered down pointless and simply predictable. I really was hoping that the film was going to be good, but overall, European Vacation is a bland, mediocre comedy that simply isn't worth your time. I8f you're expecting something like the original movie, you'll sadly be disappointed. The film had plenty of potential of being a memorable affair, but it never takes off, instead it suffers the same thing that many sequels have failed to do, capture the vibe of the original. Of the three Vacation sequels that have been made, only one film has succeeded, and it's the follow up to this film, Christmas Vacation. That film completely reinvented the formula and they succeeded at crafting something truly great and as amusing the original 1983 film. I think that one sequel sufficed in this series, and Christmas Vacation was the only one that should have been made. This film leaves way too much to be desired and you're left wanting more out of the movie. European has a few moments that are kind of funny, but it's never enough to satisfy the viewer, and in the end you realize how bland this film is.

Jacob B (us) wrote: Where Hope Grows is a tearjerking faith-based drama about friendship that rises on the strength of its cast of unknowns. It helps give those suffering from Down syndrome a sense of purpose and shows that God works in mysterious ways. What could've been a simple in-your-face cliche premise which failed to raise spirits as much as it tried to ends up being a smartly written drama with well-executed direction from Chris Dowling. Ignore the critics, folks. This one is a better-than-average Christian movie that tells a good story rather than simply just telling the viewers an uninteresting lesson.

Abb J (au) wrote: Dark Was The Night: When loggers unknowingly awaken a monstrous mythical beast in a remote forest, it's up to a sheriff brooding over the death of his son to save the residents of his neighboring town from becoming its prey. A moody, creepy setting and a strong performance by Kevin Durand turns a ho-hum story into a better than average horror flick, despite an embarrassingly cheesy twist ending. The monster is appropriately scary. B-