Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver

Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver

To free his girlfriend from her contract with a greedy madam, Shang Li (Don Wong) teams up with a cold-blooded thief called the Sparrow (Chiang-lung Wen) to hijack a large shipment of silver. But when the heist suddenly goes bad, Shang Li finds himself with blood on his hands and a price on his head. Martial arts superstars Angela Mao and Lieh Lo also star in this kung fu classic from writer-director Pao-Shu Kao.

Shang Li is fighting for the woman he loves, a prostitute he is trying to buy out of service. He plans to steal a large amount of silver, but when the plan backfires he is faced with severe opposition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mara L (fr) wrote: [i]Ministry of Fear[/i] is an old film noir set in WWII England, telling the story of Stephen Neale, a man who spent two years in an insane assylum for murder ("mercy killing"), and is now out. He is traveling to London, and stops off at a festival. He wins a cake, and that sets in motion the events of the entire movie. Saying too much more about the events in the film would give it away (it's such a fun watch, and a good mystery to try and unravel... you have no idea why that cake was so important until the very end). There are choppy points in the film, and things that don't quite make sense, but overall, it's very entertaining. Fritz Lang, who has a rather interesting history himself, does a nice job in directing this film and setting the film noir tone early on. I could pick apart what's wrong with the film, but I won't. I simply enjoyed it too much to worry about the holes. The mystery is so well-done, you almost forget about the film's shortcomings. [b]A[/b]

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