Bañeros III, todopoderosos

Bañeros III, todopoderosos

Three friends at a beach resort work together to stop a gang from making a potion that can manipulate people's desires.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   severed head,   gay,  

Three friends at a beach resort work together to stop a gang from making a potion that can manipulate people's desires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bañeros III, todopoderosos torrent reviews

Logan M (kr) wrote: Certainly a topical film with the recent string of allegations of police brutality, and even more so a powerful one.

Nick M (ru) wrote: one of the worst movies I've seen to date. love Kevin bacon's British accent. the story line is non existent. at least they remembered to remove the lender caps from the cameras

Carli E (ca) wrote: "Nursery University" reeks of inauthenticity and suffers from an obvious lack of participation from its intended well-connected blue-blood subjects. Instead, we get: Aleta St. James, a single mother with twins whose son has some learning issues that will preclude her from applying to any competitive programs for either of her children. A chill downtown couple who, if not directly coaxed into entering the admissions fray for the sake of the movie, were certainly not the type of rabid parents the film purported to be about. The resolution to their story only reinforced my belief that they weren't serious "game players." A wealthy but unconnected (and not unlikeable) Upper East Side couple whose voracious research was mildly interesting.A lower-income woman whose best friend, an admissions consultant, had what seemed to be a strong working relationship with the head of the only school the woman's child applied to. Heidi Moon, whose story is the only one that comes close to reflecting the admissions hysteria the directors hoped to convey. A rich NYC-outsider with no alumni connections to top nursery schools, it is both uncomfortable and grossly satisfying to watch a woman used to getting her way squirm and sweat her way through a relentless quest to secure what she believes she is entitled to. Most irritating (and also, as is the case throughout the film, most entertaining), was Gabriella Rowe of the Mandel School, the only admissions head with the chutzpah to speak openly about the process. You may be shocked by what she is willing to say, behind closed doors but in front of a camera, about each family as she passes judgment on their applications , but perhaps she knows that enough people want to go to her school that she can say whatever she wants and people will still grovel at her feet for the chance to pay 5 figures for a pre-school education. It makes sense that in the delicate dance of nursery school admissions, neither side would want to rock the boat by appearing in a documentary about the subject. But without that level of participation, Nursery University falls flat.

Clint W (ca) wrote: Dumb, Stupid, Idiotic, Horrible! Might be the worst movie I've seen in recent memory. Unbelievably bad!

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Adulterated choreography.

Mark H (br) wrote: I didn't think that this was very well done and it seemed a bit pointless

KARLA E (mx) wrote: Kinda confusing, but I don't remember thinking it was that bad.

Christal M (kr) wrote: great story for all love it

Jasrick J (us) wrote: Zanjeer is not half as good as the original. Zanjeer is a masala potboiler that looks outdated,and only the action and acting save the film.Zanjeer is the cliched story of a cop fighting the bad guy and wins at the end. Nothing new,the film does have some good action scenes which are first rate.Zanjeer is a film actual that should have never been remade, its a old fashioned story and lacks depth for a 2013 film. New makers fail,they add no novelty.Zanjeer is saved by the great acting of Ram Charan Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra .But what can actors do when ever else is a -.Music sucks also.Dir Apoorva Lakhia fails in all accounts, is this same guy who made SAL ??? What was use of remaking Zanjeer when you offer nothing new. Overall Zanjeer 2013 is outdated, offers nothing new in the plot and also has 3rd class music. The only saving grace is the good action and acting. Only watch if one must, or to see BABA in action again. South SuperStar Ram Charan fans can also watch he is good, but he should have not done the film. Half a star extra for Sanju BABA LOL