Bang Bang You're Dead

Bang Bang You're Dead

Trevor is a troubled high school student, thanks to the effects of bullying. This is the story of his fight to break free.

Trevor is a troubled high school student, thanks to the effects of bullying. This is the story of his fight to break free. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (it) wrote: This Romanian film is definitely not for everyone, considering its peculiar directing style and sluggishly slow pace, but those willing to sit through it will find a thought-provoking and morally challenging narrative with a particularly outstanding final act.

John G (mx) wrote: Completely unconvincing acting, a rather predictable plot and story (yes, even the "surprise twist" at the end, SO saw that coming - both of them, in fact...), and a complete identity crisis as it's not sure if it's supposed to be a comedy or a horror, this movie is not something you should actively seek to watch.

bill s (mx) wrote: Works as a sports movie and as a do not need to be a sports fan to enjoy this well made film.

Lee M (kr) wrote: It's not the idea that people will kill each other for entertainment that makes Series 7 jolting. What the movie correctly perceives is that somewhere along the line we've lost all sense of shame in our society.

Domi d (kr) wrote: Talking about sexe is it the only reason thats why this movi have been made? It is interesting but no more.

Holly M (ag) wrote: its probably not very good but i still want to see it.

Romeo B (ca) wrote: Surprised to see this film rated so low. As a child both myself and my sister really enjoyed this film, as an adult, I still think it makes for fun viewing.

Ellen W (ru) wrote: I saw the MST3K version which was fabulose as always but movie in general sucks but MST3K truly make it worth wile

Alec B (it) wrote: There are a lot of miscalculations by Jewison and Pielmeier here . . . the most damaging one is expanding the world of a small three person play into a movie with a larger cast and setting. This has the effect of making the film a mystery where the characters occasionally debate religion, where the play is mostly the latter and far more moving. Also, Fonda is horribly miscast . . . but I do like Bancroft and Tilly.

gary t (kr) wrote: well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch...its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie..i think that van johnson, richard boone, joanne dru play good roles parts throughout this movie i think that the director of this Action & Adventure, Western, Drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throguhout this movie its a good movie 2 watch n its a really enjoyable movie 2 watch

chanda w (ag) wrote: Action scenes and the gorgeous Scott Adkins? How could I not enjoy watching this?

David F (es) wrote: Some nice scenery, but ultimately boring.

Gene I B (jp) wrote: one of my top 22 films

Martin H (es) wrote: Decent thriller with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. An interesting premise but let down by a poorly executed final 3rd act. 3.5/5

Benjamin P (ca) wrote: Like the last few seasons of the show, just no growth in the vinny and the boys or the storylines.

Omkar Vishnu J (mx) wrote: Only the extra for the powerhouse that is; Phoenix

Mark M (br) wrote: This movie is nuts!!!!