Bang och världshistorien

Bang och världshistorien


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William S (ca) wrote: Pretty landscapes, but I'm sorry... f*cking fox hunting. It's a boring film, plain and simple, that tries to squeeze empathy and make you scared for the people who have to survive, yet who are the very same people narrating the film. Remove the build up, the interviews, and you would have an OK film that would probably only be like 30-35 minutes.

Erin W (nl) wrote: This movie had great potential but was sooo dissapointed. I 'am fascinated by the life of Billy Graham but this movie was so greatly "embellished' those who had researched his life knew how unaccurate some events were. I had been waiting for so long for a movie to come out about him and was not impressed with the movie.

Cecilia B (ca) wrote: Cansativo e frustrante.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: A powerful and well-constructed courtroom drama that has emotional resonance and features fine performances from Matthew McConaughey and Anthony Hopkins.

Travis M (ag) wrote: Casper: A Spirited Beginning fails to impress its audience and doesn't know how to hold an audiences attention very long.

Joey F (es) wrote: This is one of the most masterfully made thrillers I've ever seen. I'm amazed this movie works as well today as it does, despite the final twist being very obvious by today's standards (I predicted it at least). What I didn't predict, was where the movie was going toward the end of the first 3rd. Hitchcock manages a complete and utter bait and switch of a story that I thought was just magnificent. It's a classic, and everyone should watch this. Also, Bernard Herrmann is the real MVP of this movie.

Samuel V (nl) wrote: Sabe quando voc assiste um filme irretocvel?

Trent r (kr) wrote: It is good suspenseful movie

Joanne H (it) wrote: Could have been so much better if the makers had concentrated on the music more than the drugs!

javier l (us) wrote: this movie teaches u about karma

Michael M (ag) wrote: Good soundtrack and Cusack is always solid. But I never really understood the whole Minnie Driver thing and Dan Ackroyd does not make a good villain at all.