Bangkok Assassins

Bangkok Assassins

Kidnapped as children and trained as martial artists, five teenagers seek justice for the assassination of their Shaolin kung fu master.

Kidnapped as children and trained as martial artists, five teenagers seek justice for the assassination of their Shaolin kung fu master. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lorne L (br) wrote: Not entirely surprising. Nice to see the plan from the other perspective. Also interesting to see how deep Cavil's own selfishness went.

Johnny S (br) wrote: After two decades working in and around the adult movie business, I can speak to how this was an adorable and entirely plausible story - very well performed and really entertaining!

Ernest K (mx) wrote: Interesting alternative history piece where the draft is back in the US.

Frankie A (it) wrote: This the reason why I'm in film school. End of review.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by playwright Jez Butterworth, who had got into cinema with Mojo (1997), here he got lucky and was able to attract a big name or two. It should have broke Butterworth into cinema big time, and he could have gone on to better things. However, it's release was delayed, and the short buzz it had got during filming was all but forgotten by the time it came out. Shame, as it's a clever and very twisty along the way. In St. Albans, bank clerk John Buckingham (Ben Chaplin) is very shy and hopeless with relationships. So, he goes on the internet, and orders a Russian mail-order bride, who arrives in the form of Nadia (Nicole Kidman), who despite the description, cannot speak a word of English. But, she and Ben soon bond, and it seems like this could actually work. But then there's a knock at the door, and Nadia's "cousins" Yuri (Mathieu Kassovitz) and his friend Alexei (Vincent Cassel) arrive to celebrate Nadia's birthday. Ben is bemused by their arrival, and after a few days, asks them to leave, but it's only then he discovers their true intentions. It's a good, gripping drama but it has some moments of hilarious black comedy thoughout, Butterworth gets the best from his cast, and it's a different sort of part for Kidman to play, but it has brilliant support from Alexander Armstrong, Stephen Mangan and The League of Gentlemen!!

Anthony C (gb) wrote: The moral of this story is that every decision we make irreversibly affects our lives. Choosing the correct path to follow often is a moral dilemma.The film portrays a story that deserves empathy but characters that function with diminished IQs. For the latter reason I felt myself frustrated while watching.

Denise C (kr) wrote: this is the best disney movie to ever come out of Disney movies ever

Aidan G (mx) wrote: If alien abduction were an after school special it would be this movie.

Silvano D (ag) wrote: one of the best films made by VVC, a g8 thriller and one of the best gangster films with g8 perf by nana, jackie and anil

Bill B (jp) wrote: I was finally able to track this one down via YouTUbe, and I have to say that it was well worth the wait, but I wish there was a legit release of this one, as the dark scenes are all but lost in the murky VHS rip or whatever the source was for the YouTube version.James Brolin goes apeshit in his search for his kidnapped daughter, tearing NYC apart to find her, and it's pretty amazing.Recommended.

Marcus M (us) wrote: Daring heists, Code of Honour, Double Cross, Trenchcoats, Cops vs Robbers ...Melville's marks are all here. Although this is even more slow paced than usual, once after heist has taken, then things start to up a gear. A must see

007 W (de) wrote: Overall this movie is pretty good, good acting, good songs, great animation, good story, good characters

Ben F (de) wrote: "Tightrope" basically had a plot that I would say no thank you to if anyone besides Clint Eastwood were in this movie. But because he's the star, you gotta see the movie. After finishing it, I felt that the film was a good view, but that's about it. Being as Eastwood didn't direct this film, you can already feel the different style as the film begins, but there is still that dark ominous tone that you'll usually find in his detective films from the 80's. There really wasn't anything wrong with it...but there wasn't really a lot to like about it. Eastwood plays a cop hunting a serial kill whos killing prostitutes. During his investigation he has some personal conflicts of his own, dealing with getting too close in the case, and struggling with his own children. The plot is ehh, like I said. Nothing really original in this one..but Eastwood makes up for it I guess. Eastwood has his awesome swagger as he usually does. He doesn't really put on a phenomenal role, but only because the script itself isn't really that good. You could tell that he was trying his best, so I guess I give him credit. Alison Eastwood plays his daughter in this movie, being as she's his real daughter. I felt that this was probably done because the content of the film was so lifeless that Clint felt the only way he could actually seem upset was if his daughter was actually involved. I guess the movie gets intense in certain areas, but not enough for you to feel like your at the edge of your seat. The movie goes by pretty quickly, and your left saying.....mmm...okay. Like..I didn't really have any thoughts about the film after it...I just moved on to a different movie. Nothing memorable. Yeah so like I said, it's a good view, but that's about it. There's nothing memorable about this film. Eastwood puts on his classic 80's style of acting, runs around, shooting a bunch of people, but as far as substance goes, it's not really there.