Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl

"Bangkok Girl" is a 'remarkably accomplished, beautifully photographed and intimate debut documentary that puts a human face on the devastating social issue that, sadly, is the fate of too ...

"Bangkok Girl" is a 'remarkably accomplished, beautifully photographed and intimate debut documentary that puts a human face on the devastating social issue that, sadly, is the fate of too ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian A (nl) wrote: This movie was fantastic! Ryan and Emma Killed it!

Jim B (es) wrote: Enjoyable movie in which an obnoxious lonely man after the death of his wife is turned around by a sweet little 10 year old girl whilst his son is in jail for a crime he did not commit Cute romantic movie ,

Anne B (es) wrote: Il n'y a plus l'aspect dcouverte, le visuel est moins flmboyant que dans d'autres films d'Ocelot, un peu due. Sauf par l'histoire avec l'enfant Touareg. Mais a marche toujours aussi bien auprs des enfants.

Ian S (kr) wrote: After witnessing the brutal murder of both her parents..she sets out on a path of revenge her ultimate goal: to hunt down and get revenge on the mobster responsible for her parents' deaths.

Lee B (ru) wrote: Very intense movie...tension is throughout the whole playtime... bale once again shines...its another great movie in the trilogy...

Roy O (it) wrote: So embarrassing that I love this film

Juan R (mx) wrote: Unlike its subject matter, this movie is not a test in patience.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 8/1/2016: A pretty decent cop drama with a great cast. Lots of action with an intriguing story.

Monica M (kr) wrote: Again, not really my type of movie... typical indie film though. It tries to be thought provoking and philosophical, and I guess it is... I got a bit glassy-eyed during those parts. But, other than being too long it really is a pretty good movie... it's got just enough humor in it to keep you from drowning from depression when you realize the film is about the subversive nature of humankind.

John T (it) wrote: as a bull rider and someone who loves rodeo and know the life that comes with it. this story hits home and really gives the audience a visual taste of what being a bull rider is all about in a romantic/tragic tale of lane frost.

Brendan N (br) wrote: I quite enjoyed this film and thought it was harmless fun. Chris Elliott has always been an aquired taste and the film rests souly on what your idea of him is. The film has great ambitions and when the film travels into its fantasy world it succeeds where the rest of the film lacks.full of interesting characters and great intentions, the silly premise is always a little hit and miss though which drags the film down when it should be gaining strength. this film has slowly developed into a cult favorite over the years and its clearly got Tim Burtons input. if you are looking for an interesting and weird film that was clearly before its tme then you'll find it hear. the film deserved a little more appreciation then it got.

Tyler S (mx) wrote: Chans best. ..stuntwork downright amazing

Te Ao C (ag) wrote: an awesome movie,I loved it

Josh K (ag) wrote: The Testament of Dr. Mabuse is able to hold its own against all of the thrillers that have been released subsequently. Lang uses stark, gritty, industrial and ghostly images to accentuate the incomprehensible evil of Mabuse and his schemes. The scenes where we see the spirit of Mabuse are quite spooky. Otto Wernicke is quite good as the gruff cop who goes up against Mabuse. The parallels of Mabuse (who has been in an insane asylum putting his rantings to paper and plotting the rise of his empire of crime) and his bureaucratic organization (Division 2B is in charge of assassinations) to the Nazis are pretty eerie. Fritz Lang says they were intentional, but you can never trust Lang's accounts of his motives. At the end the film is weighed down by the thriller conventions (e.g. the idiotic villain who informs the heroes they have three hours to live) but were all thrillers as creative and atmospheric as this one...

Erin D (ag) wrote: a great film, well acted and portrayed