The only daughter of the Chief of a band of gypsies, Reshma is strangely drawn to the only son of a rich and wealthy man, Kunverji. Strangely enough also, she finds out that Kunverji has drawn a portrait of her's even before they met each other. When Kunverji looks into this further, he finds that both he and Reshma are lovers from a past birth, and they were fated to meet in this birth, as they were unable to wed each other in the last birth. This fascinates both of them, however, Reshma's and Kunverji's dads are furious at this, and attempt to make sure that the two are separated. Reshma has been promised to wed Shakti Singh; and Kunverji is to wed, Neha. Will these two lovers be separated again during this birth?

The only daughter of the Chief of a band of gypsies, Reshma is strangely drawn to the only son of a rich and wealthy man, Kunverji. Strangely enough also, she finds out that Kunverji has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (ag) wrote: million dollar baby- the boxing+doc=this one

Ged K (nl) wrote: I remember going to Lourdes when I ws thirteen and this film caught both the atmosphere and lack of Christianity that is evident there.

mike r (mx) wrote: Freaking Awesome !!!!

Brandon K (gb) wrote: This was an effective film. It's exciting when you wouldn't expect it to be, and it's just plain interesting. CNN really did some astounding things.

Brock E (us) wrote: A monument of a masterpiece this is true art.

Jennifer W (ru) wrote: who would not like it

Grace D (us) wrote: This movie was my childhood. I started watching this when I was a toddler and it was my favorite movie. I would want to watch it 2 or 3 times everyday and would never get tired of it. I'm still not tired of it. Its so much deeper then a horse getting kidnapped. I love how the music is the horse's voice and the eagle symbolizes the horse's freedom. I wouldn't change a single thing about it.

Kurt F (ag) wrote: 8/15/15 We started watching this again and I almost immediately knew I had already seen it. From my memory, I remember thinking it sucked because nothing really happened. Rewatching about half an hour, it does a good job of character development because it makes you wonder what is going on with these characters. It does make you want to keep watching, but it's a long film to ultimately be disappointed in the end. 9/1/15 update; I did see the middle section of the movie again... I did enjoy all the character interaction. Chablis, the crossdressing black "woman" pretty much makes the film. There are some funny parts with her and she keep it entertaining. Ultimately, there are still not too many surprises with the story. The book is probably extremely boring, but they did their best to make the story entertaining. It's just not there though.

Carol M (jp) wrote: Rendell meets Almodvar - whodafunkit? Excellent film - less extreme than Almodvar's previous offerings but lacking none of the irony or humour (goal on TV scene is fab). And Rabal gives Bardem a run for his money in the hottie stakes ..

Thorsten M (es) wrote: My favourite gay film of all times. Should watch it again. ;-)

Patricia C (es) wrote: i seen the film, its is so a lovely film to watched it

Sam R (ru) wrote: Really good! i love it, not as great as the book but really good!!!

LENITA T (it) wrote: A musical fave of mine!

Brian P (br) wrote: Don't expect any violence but a very good movie with a great plot, great acting and plenty of twists. Paul Newman gives a reserved but effective performance of a man wrongly accused of murder, not necessarily by the police, but by the press and one reporter in particular played ably by Sally Field. Of course, her reporting messes up Newman's (character's) life and Newman puts up a fight to get his life back. But the actor that steals the show is Wilford Brimley who comes to clean up the mess as the U.S. Attorney General.

Darren C (ca) wrote: Anyone got DVD or digital want to share?

Dave R (it) wrote: a pretty good revenge flick. reynolds plays a con who finds out his brother was killed by a crooked sheriff. he negotiates a way out of prison and exacts some revenge.while the cars in this movie aren't "cool" there are some good chases.

Joel A (de) wrote: A ridiculously wild & entertaining film about three Go-Go who find trouble on their adventures & things just escalate & escalate.I was delighted to here that Quentin Tarantino will be re-making this film after his new Hateful Eight (2016). I'm sure he will bring something great to it. The film is edgy, tough & wildly entertaining.It's got some great dialogue & simply just dripping with style. Russ Meyer's films are definitely not for everyone but this film is an experience.

Molly R (au) wrote: Amusing, but totally unrealistic.

Ben H (gb) wrote: Satisfying noir with odd and surreal touches. Bogart and Bacall always good, but the supporting cast are excellent, particularly Agnes Moorhead's deliriously mad and evil woman spurned and Clifton Young's voyeuristic small-time crook.

Joel A (br) wrote: a truly great silent comedy.....harold llyod is a genius his comic timing....also itz was nice seeing nyc in 28' changed a bit lol....but as film terrific!!!!!