Bank Bang

Bank Bang

Two brothers, Mihalis and Nondas are working in a mortuary trying to make money, since Nondas owes a great amount of money to the Greek Mob and has to repay it; so he proposes to Mihalis ...

Two brothers, Mihalis and Nondas are working in a mortuary trying to make money, since Nondas owes a great amount of money to the Greek Mob and has to repay it; so he proposes to Mihalis ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anton S (fr) wrote: With the current highly propaganda filled press environement, this movie will not get an unbiased review. The way in which the media is attacking Fifa currently parallels the defamation heaped upon countries and leaders before an unnamed army steps in a deposes siad leader and bombs said country. There is something hihgly political going on right now and until that is figured out, looking for an unbiased review will be impossible

Laura s (kr) wrote: when is movie commingle out.

Randy H (ca) wrote: I was compelled to like it before it began, having my own interest in riding that trail. I could not, however, connect with the riders' stories. Too much complaining, not enough en route footage. Where was the Go Pro? Too bad there was snow on the high mountain passes, just start riding later in the summer!

Seth W (nl) wrote: Slow. The entire thing could have happened in a 25-30 minute short film and would have been much more successful, while still keeping the uncomfortable feeling of "waiting for the protagonist to catch up." It seemed less funny and more unfortunate. I can't recommend it to people I want to see again. The first 10 minutes of "Joe versus the Volcano" does a better job at showing quiet comedic frustration and dissatisfaction with life in general.

Rawballs B (au) wrote: A sexy movie with enough thrills for the viewers

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: 83%Saw this on 3/6/15Terrific performances from DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Michael Shannon save Revolutionary Road from it's lousy direction and lack of clarity towards the end. The film is extremely realistic with hard etched characters and I can relate myself extremely with DiCaprio's Frank Wheeler.

Ross H (br) wrote: A kind of a throwback to the ghost story with a little horror thrown in. You could do a lot worse that this believe me. Melanie (Leah Pipes who played a great bitch in Sorority Row a few years ago) has just gotten out of rehab and is picked up by her sister Crystal (Kristen Cavallari who did a good job here) and is taking her home. It's a new town and a new school so Crystal tells her about the town story about the train that killed a busload of children and now if you go to the tracks and park your car in neutral the ghosts of all the children will push you too safety. And guess where they end up at? Why it's the train track! I won't tell you what happened but as they arrive at their home we meet their dad (who obviously loves his daughters) and their mom (who has a major problem with Melanie and is an unsympathetic bitch to her). There are some creepy moments but not a lot. Leah Pipes and Kristen Cavallari do a very believable job as sisters. You can really see some chemistry between the two to make you believe yes these two girls are siblings. Also, Josh Henderson does a good job as Penn who Melanie befriends. It's nice to see a horror movie where all the young leads were actually good believable actors and not acting like some morons (exception being Andrew Lawrence who was kind of a stereotype). We even have Geoffrey Lewis as the town drunk and Lou Diamond Phillips as the school counselor in the film. So if you're wanting to see something a little creepy and not asking for a lot in return but want to see some solid acting from the leads in a horror movie then this might be the one for you. Recommended.

James S (mx) wrote: Funny, great story and a fabulous cast. What's not to like!

David H (ca) wrote: A charming Tournment Movie about Halle Berry & Jim Belushi traning a Hawaiian Soap Car Racer Team on a Competion in Australia

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "The Brady Movie" takes a simple idea and executes it to perfection. Whoever decided to put the epitome of 70's family-friendly culture into modern Los Angeles is a genius. The costumes, cheesy morals, and exaggeration of the character stereotypes bring the Bradys back to life. The thing that entertained me the most is the soundtrack. Every cheesy 70's moment becomes appropriate through the jazzy Brady background music that we are so accustomed to from the original tv show. The film was well cast, particularly Christine Taylor as Marcia (she may have played the role better than the original), Gary Cole as Mike, Shelley Long whose voice is perfect for Carol, Paul Sutera as Peter, and while Olivia Hack wasn't an identical match for Cindy, she interpreted the role perfectly. I think that it was really "swell" of the producers to bring back most of the cast in cameos, most notably Ann B. Davis who saves the day (just like she always did as Alice in the original series). The use of Davy Jones and the Monkees was hilarious and this film forms a very clever clash of cultures. "The Brady Bunch Movie" is silly but serves as a perfect tongue-in-cheek tribute to the 70's sitcoms that we all know and love.

Fernand P (ag) wrote: Pour la chanson Dmons et Merveilles et la voix d Arletty

Geraint O (it) wrote: Interesting that this film was released literally days after the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union- the point in which the whole of left was united behind the war effort.Based on a book by then 8 years old, this is a great Socialist Second World War propoganda film. This was made during the war, but set before it, but was really about what the world should be like after it. Set totally in the pre-war period, some pretty subversive and for and for many an uncomfortable point becomes clear to people watching this. Even in the grim days of 1941- life was better for many working class people than 1930s peactime- because at least you had work and food on your table, and the implication of this was the post war world had better not be like the 1930s. Working Class people, and the Left were not fighting to bring back the "England" of 1939, but something new, something better. Clearly this is not "This Happy Breed", "In Which We Serve", (or for that matter the post war "Chance of a Lifetime") which offered a more consensusual and comfortable view of "class". This is a demand for fairness for working people, not a vague statement that it's a nice idea. Also very different role than we are used to seeing from Deborah Kerr too, the star of the film- in a gritty role.

Dave O (ag) wrote: Really suprising view on revenge genre. Realistic and funny at times, still having tension going on in the background.

Andrs B (gb) wrote: Genial! La vi hoy en Cinepolis (En el cine, pantalla grande, excelente calidad de imagen y sonido) y verdaderamente constato que Chaplin es uno de los genios mas grandes de la cinematografia mundial!!