Jacob Cotten is a rich banker, quickly approaching his 60th birthday. He is concerned that none of his sons are willing to or able to take any responsibility of the bank. One is a spoiled parasite unable to do an honest day's work, the other has devoted his life to the communist youth club. Meanwhile, his beloved daughter Vica is unable to divorce her masochistic husband and gets herself a lover, a young idealistic medical student. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

Jacob Cotten is a rich banker, quickly approaching his 60th birthday. He is concerned that none of his sons are willing to or able to be in charge of the bank. One is a spoiled parasite ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annie P (mx) wrote: Sucked. This movie started outweigh one plot ... Then had no follow through and ended with complete crap.

Austin W (jp) wrote: From the makers of Coraline which i consider one of the greatest animated movies of all time comes Paranorman a film that is considered by many to be as good if not better than Coraline and... I disagree but at the same time i can see why this is so well liked. It has a complexity to it that has not been captured by any other stop motion picture. It's also very mature and teaches a lesson that resonates well with alot of people and it's a lesson that's not overdone. But while i do respect Paranorman i was far from entertained by it. The comedy fell flat, the character models were very uncomfortable looking, the story and premise had a unique twist but was far from original and i thought it lacked that raw creativity that made Coraline so brilliant. But i will recommend it to most older kids and adults because there is alot of stuff in here that people will like. I just couldn't get into it as a whole.

Ryan M (mx) wrote: A nice surprise. Just about as good as I was hoping it would be. Good performances all around.

Brandon H (es) wrote: Having seen over a dozen Mamet-written films now, I have certain expectations when I slide one into my DVD player. I anticipate a little bit of overly-timed dialogue and awkward acting. But I also expect great wit from the writing, a complex and layered plot, and I expect to be surprised multiple times. It's difficult to enjoy film after film from the same screenwriter and director once your expectations are so high. Take the Coen brothers for example. They have created three of the greatest movies I have ever seen, two of which I would venture to say are flawless films. So when they make a movie like "True Grit," which by any other director might be a masterpiece, I can't help but be disappointed. I know they're capable of transcendent films. Something similar is true of David Mamet. I've cherished "Glengarry Glen Ross" since I was old enough to see it. I could probably recite most of it from memory right now if I tried. I know how brilliant of a writer he can be. So movies like "Edmond" and "House of Games," movies that don't quite meet greatness but might be great in someone else's canon, are again disappointing. All that said, "State and Main" might be one of the former brilliant films. It delivers everything I'd hoped for from a Mamet movie yet so much more. The lines are smart, one after the other, and they just feel right. Even those that trail off. As Bob Barringer (Alec Baldwin) passes the phone to the director (William H Macy), Bob says, "Here. He wants to talk about..." The director takes the phone and says into the receiver, "I'll call you right back" and hangs up. We never find out what the man on the other end wants to talk about. And it doesn't matter; it makes the moment so authentic I can hardly accept I'm watching a film. These little moments make up the fabric of "State and Main," they're everywhere. They overlap and intertwine until they've constructed a dynamic, hilarious film with many sustained character arcs. The acting is almost across the board impeccable. This includes the usually lowly Sarah Jessica Parker, who is not only good-looking in this film, but shows a glimpse of the SJP we might have known: a serious, smart actress. Instead we've lost her to high heels and big-budget stupidity. "State and Main" is essentially about about big city (immoral) folk finding a place in-- or trashing-- the small town folks (moral). The overriding purity theme borders on pushing the film into meta territory, but doesn't quite break the plane as much as to cause an actor to wink at the camera, which I believe is a good thing. So it's a standard setup, but the conflicts that flourish in the film cause consistent and rising tension, along with a great deal of funny moments. If you like Mamet, you will like State and Main. It shows a "lighter" side of a usually very dark and serious writer.

Laurie D (gb) wrote: I absolutely love Judd Nelson in this one, his sarcastic wit and melo-drama mixed in with Ray waltson the judge. I laugh from beginning to end in this one.

Paul J (it) wrote: Crap, crap and more crap. Lame from start to finish. I suppose it has its few cool gruesome bits. Hard-core zombie fans might want to sit through it for a couple gross-out effects. But otherwise, steer clear. I'm pretty sure the Italians that made this film just ended up using some footage from other exploitation flicks. Bring on another Cannibal flick while we're at it!

Philippe D (jp) wrote: Un film fondateur du genre fantastique. L'histoire se d (C)roule sans temps morts et monte bien sa sauce vers le final.

MinisterJodee T (us) wrote: this movie sucked bad we still don't know who was calling the phone. how do u make a movie and leave it with unanswered questions this is the worst movie I seen in my life.

Jason G (it) wrote: I thought this was a great movie that characterized what went on in the day. Great acting, especially by the male character.

Ethan P (de) wrote: A powerful and well-constructed courtroom drama that has emotional resonance and features fine performances from Matthew McConaughey and Anthony Hopkins.

Brett B (gb) wrote: This movie has a solid plot, characters, and intrigue to make it worth a watch. With that said it is very hard to believe the setting as a high school. JGL's character and friends talk in a way that doesn't seem realistic and each of them seem to be a lot smarter, "slick, and organized than any high schooler I ever knew or interacted with. If you can suspend belief for the entire movie its more enjoyable, but it really struck me as implausible as it was presented.