Banned from Heaven

Banned from Heaven


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Dax S (br) wrote: Very good movie, lots of emotion and amazing CGI and action and Wick is a very likeable character

MiYon R (kr) wrote: Inkubus (Robert Englund) spends the evening tormenting the unfortunate members of a police station skeleton crew and Diamante (William Forsythe), the detective who nearly put him away years ago. While it may seem like all fun and games for the crafty demon, he has two objectives: settle a score with Diamante and find a new host for rebirth so that he may live on for another century.While the film boasts quite a few recognizable names and faces, the dialog is feeble, in stark contrast to the menacing tone and visuals. It's not quite campy and has no flow. A lot of the banter between Inkubus and the officers are laundry lists of past victims dating back to the beginning of time. I get it, he's killed a lot of people, I don't need to hear every name and date. In fact, Inkubus talks more about murdering people than actually killing them. Englund and Forsythe are always a treat to watch but, yeesh, the acting by the rest of the cast is shameful. It's a baby step above porno-grade. (This coming from someone who watches a buttload of indie and low budget horror.) Speaking of pornos, there are two sex scenes, neither of which contains any nudity, despite the casting of rather well-endowed actresses.The entire movie is one, long teaser of things to come and therein lies its colossal weakness. Scene after scene, I was itching for Inkubus to go postal on someone, anyone. Is that too much to ask from a beast that, in the beginning of the film, shows up with a decapitated head and a vehicle adorned with dismembered limbs and internal organs? I was both disappointed and relieved when the movie was done. Disappointed because the final showdown between Inkubus and his rival, Diamante, had ended so abruptly. Relieved because I was finally put out of my misery.Skip this unless you're like me and hellbent on watching every horror ever released.

Brad C (mx) wrote: Korean comedies usually leave me cold, but the three leads are charming enough to make this work - even though the plot is pretty basic.

Darrell D (br) wrote: oorah - savage documentary - awesome / this film also has the title - This is War - respect, good movie for rememberance day / veterns day - changed my view of soldiers

Russ B (au) wrote: 4/1/2017: An entertaining film. A good cast with an interesting historical adventure.

Igor (kr) wrote: loved it.... loveeeeee Sandra bullock

xxshafi 4ever xxx D (us) wrote: i like this movie itzz soo interstinggg :)

Paul W (br) wrote: Daniel Craig swerves and narrowly avoids the normal pitfalls of playing cuckoo crazy in this restrained schizophrenic drama.

Austin W (ru) wrote: Adam Sandler has a ton of underrated movies but this one is not one of them. This film has a really good cast and employs some very interesting ideas, some of the jokes hit as well but many of it's characters are underused and mediocre including adam sandler which is the biggest problem with the movie. ADAM SANDLER ISNT FUNNY IN THIS. he's just in this movie to suffer until the end. he's sympathetic but not funny which in the end is why this movie doesnt work.

Tim M (au) wrote: Critics will harp on lack of substance, but Shyamalan's style and the emotions he can evoke make this film truly unforgettable. Every shot of "Unbreakable" is infused with dark, symbolic importance.