Banned! In America

Banned! In America

"Banned In America" shows video clips of the darkest elements of human nature, society, and life; the very things that bring fear and disgust into our collective existences. Whether it be live executions, live suicides, or miscellaneous forms of evil, "America" shows us that a sinister world of death lies right outside our door, just waiting for our number to be called.

"Banned In America" shows video clips of the darkest elements of human nature, society, and life; the very things that bring fear and disgust into our collective existences... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ag) wrote: After a devastating breakup of a five year relationship, Simon(Brady Corbet) decamps for Paris where luckily he has a friend who has an empty apartment he is willing to loan him. While there, he does all the normal touristy things. But his attempt to pick up two young women on the Metro falls flat. So, he decides to try a professional establishment...It's all well and good if there is ambiguity concerning a leading character. One of the problems with "Simon Killer" is that the filmmakers clearly have no idea what to do with their title character, whether he is wounded, troubled or something much, much worse. To his credit, Brady Corbet fully immerses himself in the creepiness of his character. This comes at the cost of making him unlikable not just to the audience but also to any other characters which would make any kind of meaningful connections that Simon has kind of hard to believe.

Michael H (gb) wrote: A French spoof of, well, a lot of things; but primarily James Bond and Alfred Hitchcock. The film reproduces the look and much of the style of movies of the mid-Sixties and does so masterfully. The film parodies the style but hews closely enough that it could easily be just an extreme example of an actual Sixties film. The protagonist is cheerfully oblivious to his obliviousness in the way of Peter Sellers' Clouseau and pretty much any character played by Will Farrell but in a film with wit and intelligence beyond any mainstream film Farrell has appeared in.

Toby E (us) wrote: can't let it go much!!

Rubi I (ru) wrote: It's sad and romantic.

Leo S (it) wrote: It's funny and yet it shows alot about HK, in a funny way :) The songs r interesting too

Tony L (fr) wrote: Well acted and well worth your time. The cast provides depth to their characters and the story, though slow, is engaging.

Sugandh A (au) wrote: i luv dis movie more dan nething.....madhuri luks so beautiful n her jodi wid salman adds more beauty.....

Skyler C (mx) wrote: 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance is one of Haneke's better works. The film is about a bunch of random stories (including a stressed out kid at school, a runaway romanian boy in vienna, and an unhappy old man) as they go throughout their daily life. The film brings the stories together at the end in a very smart way. i really liked the film and thought it was intresting, althought it was slightly boring at some points.

Dread Lord C (ca) wrote: I'm sorry, but not even Don Knotts can get me to watch a Herbie movie.

Andy S (jp) wrote: Unlike so many other meditations on marriage, sexism and infidelity, this manages to be excruciating and funny simultaneously.

Tim B (ru) wrote: A while back, I had the pleasure of sitting down for the first time and watching Stevan Mena's Malevolence. It had a slow build, great suspense and more than satisfied the horror fan in me. I was also fond of how Mena came to pull his little film off. Gives me big inspiration to be able to do that someday (soon soon). Seven years later (or three if you count when it was shot) we get the prequel Bereavement. This one was much bigger than its predecessor for me in terms of its budget and balls. This one took me aback, echoing the horror movies of the 70's when they were not afraid to push the limits of what mainstream audiences considered 'tasteful'. Violence is one thing but when you start involving kids in that, you're pushing the boundaries and Bereavement wasn't afraid in the least of doing so. Two stories are at play here; both involving dysfunctional families. We get the main plot involving the town loony kidnapping and teaching his 'newfound son' how to kill (so sweet) and we get the hot and likeable lead gal trying to adjust her life in a new town with her aunt and uncle. They blend the two together come the third act and all hell breaks loose. From this horror fan's point of view, that's a great thing. Acting-wise, this was a huge improvement from Malevolence. Michael Biehn took what could have been a one-dimensional role and made it badass from presence alone. THE GUY IS JUST BOSS. Alexandra Daddario gave a focused and believable performance. I also have to comment that she looked fantastic in those tops wowzers! Brett Rickaby was scary-good as the psycho while Spencer List was intense as the child. Kid didn't even have any lines at that! Well done. Nolan Gerard Funk was okay at best. Didn't really buy him John Savage shined in the few scenes he got to be in. Mena picked his landscapes wisely (loved the wide shots of nature; sunset, clouds, fields) and the lighting techniques were dreadfully gorgeous to gawk at. I got nothing but dread and suspense just from the look of the picture alone. If Hollywood doesn't recognize this guy's talent soon, it will be a huge loss on their part. On top of all this goodness there were scenarios that actually had me sitting up, a score that fit the movie perfectly (also by Mena) plot twists that actually surprised me and an ending that got me down but stuck with me and you get a pretty powerful horror flick. On the slim downer, I could've went without the useless subplot involving the boyfriend. It didn't really bring anything to the story and had me roll my eyes a few times at the less-than-stellar acting of Funk's. There were also a few plot holes here and there that were obviously not focused on enough (too many girls missing for the town to notice? creepy building adventure probably not the best idea? why can you not hear the screaming again?) but overall this one left me fulfilled for my horror fix. It wasn't the happiest thing I saw this week but I enjoyed it for what it was and that's saying something. I highly recommend you check Malevolence out before this one or don't check it out at all and call me a douche. I'm keeping my eye on Mena here's hoping he gets the fame because with this entry to my beloved genre he clearly deserves it bring on the third/final chapter in this trilogy! I'm ready for it!