Haria lives with his widowed and elderly grandmother at a tea estate and works as Elephant Driver. He has no knowledge of his biological father, as his mother died at the time of his birth. He meets and falls in love with a gypsy girl, Gulabi, and both want to get married. But Gulabi has another suitor, none other than Ajay, the only son of the tea estate owner. When Ajay finds out that Gulabi loves Haria, he plans to get rid of Haria, but fails. He waits for the right moment, and has his men abduct Gulabi. But before he could have his way with her, she is rescued by Raja, but Ajay subsequently shoots Raja to death. An enraged Haria wants to kill Ajay in return, but Ajay's dad stops him from doing so. Then Ajay's dad finds out a secret about his past life, and decides to change his last will and testament. Ajay finds out about this and lays in wait with a shotgun to kill his very own father - and anyone else who dares to stand in his way

Haria lives with his widowed and elderly grandmother at a tea estate. He has no knowledge of his biological father, as his mother died at the time of his birth. He now works as a Mahout (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wilman A (ca) wrote: Well anticipated sequel of this saga space movie. Not the best, but still worth of watching.

Chris H (br) wrote: post-apocalyptic fantasy with Danny Dyer playing a small part, it seems the smaller his role the worse the film. Very slow moving film with everything unraveling in the last 90 secs.

Luca B (au) wrote: Film inatteso suggerito da @Flavio Pelliconi per i suoi contenuti "Buddici".

Dan S (us) wrote: It wasnt bad it...just wasnt any good either. One of those 'meh' movies.

kyo 9 (nl) wrote: beautiful scenes.. nice movie

Toryn M (ru) wrote: Not scary at all....

Ryan N (br) wrote: This movie had a neat look at technology and made you want your own evolver. Unfortunately by its time of release, cyberpunk and hacker/robot movies were just about draining out. With the mediocre acting and a some-what innocent script this movie just didn't make it.

Jessica B (au) wrote: I'll never understand why this movie was considered a flop and why even Kevin Smith refers back to it as a failure. I always loved both the touching sentiment of the family drama and the hilarity of various clever-as-hell K.Smith one-liners. Will always adore this movie.

Jason J (de) wrote: Another cheesy 80's ninja movie. The only thing worse than the acting was, the fight scenes. And of course the plot was a laughing matter. Poor choreography, poor dialogue, poor acting, a 6 year old that defeats adults with his martial arts skills and in general many laughable cliches. So many poorly executed scenes make this movie a complete farce. Although Sho Kosugi acts with all the emotion of a wooden plank, he's one bad dude and is very credible as a hero. Silly, over-the-top and ridiculous b-grade ninja hokum.

Joo C (mx) wrote: Absurdly beautiful. Oskar's lifestory echoes since the day i saw this movie. A masterpiece.

Aj V (de) wrote: This movie is hilarious, and the story outrageous, I really liked it, Pryor plays a bunch of characters which makes it even funnier.

Cole W (jp) wrote: Though I don't think it's a masterpiece, I can understand why it won so many awards because this is a very well-made and moving movie with an effective and believable romance and depicts the sinking of the Titanic in a pretty realistic and emotional way and delivers a couple tear jerking scenes (Call me a pansy if you want, I'm not ashamed). Not James Cameron's best, but a pretty big accomplishment.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Smartly written and fueled by the undeniable chemistry of Hepburn and Tracy.

Michelle P (ca) wrote: Camp and creepy in a great way.

Alex O (nl) wrote: Jolly robot plans sex worker in the street of New York where she met Richard a wealth business man that change her life for good business man that change life. The film is going l

Daniel P (br) wrote: While decently entertaining, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot doesn't really know what kind of movie it wants to be.