A kick-ass professional car thief, Sage, (Taryn Manning), steals a classic '66 Charger on a challenge. It turns out the car belongs to a serial killer (is there another kind?), who proceeds to slice and dice her friends because he wants his car back, and wants Sage dead. Sage also deals with treacherous fellow criminals, and a cop who wants her in jail, or wants to start a relationship (he hasn't decided yet).

A car thief (Manning) goes on the run after stealing a killer's vehicle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Banshee torrent reviews

Steph I (jp) wrote: We want to see the movie

Giovanni F (de) wrote: From Up on Poppy Hill, as is usual with Studio Ghibli films, was a pleasure. While not as strong or immediately memorable as other works and classics from the studio (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc.), Poppy Hill carves its own path and unique space as a more laid-back slice-of-life-style piece in the Ghibli canon. The usual Ghibli hallmarks are all there, the gorgeous, breathtaking animation, the extreme attention to setting and environmental detail, the backgrounds that look like paintings. Umi and Shun's story is unexpected and more than tasteful. The sound design is no less than amazing, and Gor? Miyazaki's directing is tasteful, nuanced, and personal; it feels close, able to be explored and related to. Sixties Japan setting is humble and charming. The movie is lovely.

Star P (jp) wrote: This movie gave us a look into the life of a young Orthodox Jewish teen who is struggling to figure out how to live in the world of his family and religious beliefs as well as the world of crime and money. It was the first movie I saw with Jesse Eisenberg and it made me respect him as an actor. He was great!

Camille L (ru) wrote: Kill Speed est un ersatz DTV de Fast & Furious 4 avec des avions en lieu et place des voitures, des acteurs (avec quelques stars qui se sont perdues) en roue libre, un budget famelique, une realisation clinquante et toc, une musique representative du reste du film. Pourtant, le film est tellement abruti de maniere assumee qu'il en devient sympathique et par moments divertissants. Mais c'est tellement long et paresseux qu'on ne peut meme pas le conseiller pour une soiree nanar.

Carina J (es) wrote: I was quite impressed with this film, it tells the story well considering so much had to be cut out because there is only two hours to fit it all in. The 80s television series is a superior version, but this film is still enjoyable, although the storyline seems to have been changed a little for cinema audiences. This version is well acted, the settings are very similar to those in the series and the costumes are very good. It's a shame that it didn't pull in much of a crowd at the cinema where I saw it, as there is much to like about this film.

Vikram T (fr) wrote: lol the director's name.haha i never knew they were good film though.

Olivier L (nl) wrote: So underrated it's scary

Gabriel M (ru) wrote: it has good visual effects...

Lee M (es) wrote: A well-conceived synthesis of singing, dancing, comedy, and satire.

Felipe F (us) wrote: Bergman's best film - and perhaps the greatest ever made on the history of cinema - Persona dives into the complexities of human mind, exploring the limits between mental illness and personification with such craftsmanship that it has not yet been matched by anyone.

Adam S (it) wrote: The best of Fritz Lang's three American Technicolor westerns, with Dietrich as a tough show girl fronting a hideout for bandits. When revenge-filled Arthur Kennedy shows up with Mel Ferrer, looking for the murderer of his fiance, a love triangle ensues, and a few punch ups and gun fights.