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Bara-Dari torrent reviews

Davey K (mx) wrote: The special effects were alright, The rest was pretty much awful!

Mohd S (ag) wrote: The best Bloodrayne series I ever seen.

Anthony K (nl) wrote: The fascinating tale of one of the largest corporate/political scandals ever witnessed, which ultimately boils down to a parable about unchecked greed and the loss of morality in the face of cash. This thing, as they say, went all the way to the damn top. Essential viewing.

Navin J (ca) wrote: Very nice. Story line wasn't trite at all. The animation was great. A little preachy but it was acceptable.

John W (ru) wrote: Utterly predictable small town serial killer thriller. Still it was well cast, well shot, the actors and director made the most of what they had, and a wonderfully pervasive sense of 'creepy' throughout

Katelyn B (mx) wrote: A pretty good sequel to The Christmas Shoes... a great cast, also.

Jimmy B (nl) wrote: Fairly simple plot and a shocking climax that comes from no-where,however it takes a long time to actually get there.Having said that though, the film wouldn't have worked as well if there was a gradual build up.

Joshua K (kr) wrote: Minnesota is a cool locale as well?super funny film full of heart

Misha K (au) wrote: Quite predictable but nice to see Marg Helgenberger in something other than CSI and the same goes for John Ritter.

Chris V (it) wrote: I don't think it was supposed to be, but all i got from this movie was the creeps. It was kind of boring, and the ending was predictable, and yea, the guy was a creeper.

Raymond B (ru) wrote: One of the best miniseries ever, a great example of how to translate a book to the small screen. It was credited with helping to bring awareness of Japan to the American audience.The book of course is ten times better.

Bobby C (fr) wrote: One of the best kung fu movies that emphasises the "drunken fist style" of martial arts,it hurts me today that jackie chan has stated he regrets making this film.

Sean W (ca) wrote: Surreal and satrical, but its too much of both for telling a religious tale.

Matt B (au) wrote: Eisenberg, more often an interesting absence in the center of well-cast movies than a leading man, doesn't work his arguable magic here. The Hasidic Jew bits have some undeniable potential, but once the drug world downfall cliches kick-in, there's no saving the good stuff.