Epic account of the thief Barabbas, who was spared crucifixion when Pilate manipulated the crowd into pardoning him, rather than Jesus. Struggling with his spirituality, Barabbas goes through many ordeals leading him to the gladiatorial arena, where he tries to win his freedom and confront his inner demons, ultimately becoming a follower of the man who was crucified in his place.

The story the of murderer and thief Barabbas, who hung around Calvary Hill when Jesus took his place on the cross. He searches for spiritual faith as he hears more about the followers of Jesus in Jerusalem. He has eyes for Rachel, and before she is stoned to death... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian G (jp) wrote: 20th Century Women is one of those films that just missed out on the Oscar window but might have benefitted from that centering around Annette Benings's matriarch as she is concerned as her son's teenage years have just begun that he might need more positive role models to help form him into adulthood, with his potential wannabe girlfriend and two crashers at their house filling gigantic roles in that, not realising that this process will help her actually become more comunitive and well rounded with the times in the process. Typical indie craftmaship shows off the great Californian countryside and the performances are rock solid, which minimal flash, 20th century women is an intriguing study of feminism being passed on to the next generation but also to a boy growing up to treat the opposite sex as an equal as opposed to norms for the time. A little stage playish at times but ok as a whole.

Rick B (br) wrote: Hard to follow at times with the thick Northern Irish accent, but definitely worth watching. It was really violent and gritty, but well acted with some redeeming plot lines.

Susie M (br) wrote: I adore this movie. David's Alan is perfect and so heartbreaking. This shows David is so much more than just the Doctor(love him, too) David is an actor that will be loved forever. He only gets better with age. This movie blew me away wasn't expecting it to be so good. The balance of humor and grief/sadness was perfect. My favorite characters were Alan and surprisingly Dean. Loved it. will watch again and again.

Tom F (ag) wrote: As dense as a steel ball bearing.

Chad E (mx) wrote: omg! i love this movie soo much lots of drama and a very in teresting plot!! :D

Brad G (kr) wrote: "Let Us Rock and Let Us Roll." While still in the thick of Baywatch, David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff took a little break to film this absolutely mystifying telling of Marvel's Howling Commando Secret Agent. And it's as terrible as you think it to be. But damn. It's a fun kinda bad. Especially for fanboys. The Hoff spits out one bad line of dialog after the next, and he chews on that cigar like his life depends on it. And director Rod Hardy knows just the right angels to shoot this leather clad behemoth. Leis Rinna is horrifying as Contessa Valentine de Allegro Fontaine but not nearly as scary as Sandra Hess' Andrea Von Strucker Lady Viper. The proceedings feel like a failed attempt at a really awful Sci-Fi Channel original series and we can all thank the comic book gods for just giving us a taste of this atrocity and not seasons after seasons worth. Still, it's pretty fun to watch this train wreck. VF.

name g (es) wrote: Rover Dangerfield is both boring and not that funny. The thing's I liked was Rodney Dangerfield's acting in the movie and the animation is good, and it did have a couple funny scene's. Also, the film is about a dog who end's up being ditched by his owner's boyfreind, Rocky, due to rover messing up a deal between rocky and the mafia. Seriously, why would Rodney Dangerfield write a movie about this? Kid's will probably like it, but adult's or Rodney Dangerfield fans won't find anything good in this movie. 1/5

Don L (au) wrote: I think they relied too much on Clyde for comic relief in this one. It had some really funny moments, but I prefer the first one.

Giovanna C (it) wrote: couldn't get through the whole thing. didn't find it remotely interesting