Set amidst the civil war of Algeria in the 1990s, Enough! is the story of two women. Emel is a Westerner whose husband, a journalist, is missing - perhaps kidnapped or even killed for articles he's written.

Set amidst the civil war of Algeria in the 1990s, Enough! is the story of two women. Emel is a Westerner whose husband, a journalist, is missing - perhaps kidnapped or even killed for articles he's written. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin S (ca) wrote: I disovered this semi-unreleased gem using XBox's ZUNE video streaming service (because NetFlix streams mostly old crao.) The synopsis and intro scense (specifically, the introduction of the soon-to-be antagonost) were very fluid transitions, all the while the over-arching suspense of WTF is going on here behind these thin walls and wan smiles... perfect. I repeatedly had to remind myself to consider the same movie as though it were being produced on stage... if ever it were, I'd be first in line. The staid opportunities baiting us as audiencemembers to relate to one character more so than another area ll set the be bereft, all the while in discovering this wrold is asunder, we get to the real reason for the story in the first place: and it is an interesting Him vs Her -sort of dichotomy they play.... I'd swear that had Samuel Clements rose from his grave and reclaimed the roll of the weary and perhaps born-again yet latently violent Christian doctor, I wouldn't have batteed an eye. (I kept looking for Huck Finn to make an appearancce, natch.)In the end, though, it was a terrifically satisfying film that crosses more boundaries than I could account for here in such a short synopsys.Have you seen House of San and Fog? Have you read The House of Leaves? There are many parallels to be drawn. And yet, all the angles you discover, you will find them rewarding.

David A (kr) wrote: Thrilling story and early cylons...

Mike L (ca) wrote: Really dry...when all was said and done it felt like nothing happened...the whole thing was forgettable and boring. Skip it.

Jan S (es) wrote: Wasted most of it's potential. But nonetheless by taking it self not too serious, it brings some of the insanity of the Postal video games on the big screen.

IJ T (gb) wrote: With an engrossing performance from Toni Collette, a sweat & tender love story and one hell of a plot twist, this is a powerful film that truly resonates.

Jason T (mx) wrote: Amazing mystery, lot's of twist and turn's

Craig F (mx) wrote: Eva's score, not mine!

Robert I (au) wrote: I don't usually like movies about movies. I hated "The Player"... And maybe because of that I don't hate this movie as much. It's not really a funny movie and the satire misses the mark like missing the broad side of a barn, but I kinda dug it. Plus, I enjoyed the people who showed up in it. Namely Harvey frickin' Weinstein. Holy crap, how'd they get him!?!?

Eddie E (de) wrote: It's hard to imagine anyone thinking this is a great movie. I can imagine something thinking its campy, but the story line is so underdeveloped and the premise so silly that it warrants nothing more. The possession theme makes no sense: (1) Pommier is better described as obsessed rather than possessed, but the lack of any detail in the backstory makes even his obsession incomprehensible, and (2) just how HIS memories become transferred to Dr. Flax and how it's related to having to do with the urban nomads is left completely unexplained. Again, not even an attempt at providing a basis for the plot line. Given the anthropological theme as the basis for the "spooky" parts of this movie, it doesn't even rise to the level of sophomoric. The nomads are a supposed to be a tribe, that's why Pommier gets interested in them, yet they have no characteristics of a tribal society. Then they turn out to be "in reality" trickster demons, which of course as demons are anarchistic, and so NOT a tribe! Are they anarchists or a tribe? Either way the premise and backstory fall apart. Also, punks and bikers together? Really? The writers and director must have never stepped outside of the suburbs. Research is what this story needed to turn it into something at least mildly interesting.

John Eric D (mx) wrote: A very well made true to life story about what happened on the Air France airplane hijack incident last December 1994. Thinking it is well detailed with all the drama and gunshots inside that plane when the GIGN swat team rescued the entire crew and passenger inside the plane. Awesome performances reminds me of watching Captain Philipps again. 3.5 out of 5

Breanna L (br) wrote: not bad... definately not great, but ok

Brad S (gb) wrote: Maggie Q might be the most attractive actress working today, and is the only reason to watch this movie

Ringo E (de) wrote: Any film about a giant flying reptile in New York is worth watching as far as Im concerned.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 12/22/2016: A decent movie and better than episode one.

Cole W (ca) wrote: Violent, humorous, visually impressive for its time, and complex. A rare type of sci-fi movie even for today.