Barb Wire

Barb Wire

A sexy nightclub owner, Barb Wire moonlights as a mercenary in Steel Harbor, one of the last free zones in the now fascist United States. When scientist Cora Devonshire wanders into Barb's establishment, she gets roped into a top-secret government plot involving biological weapons. Soon Barb is reunited with her old flame Axel Hood, who is now Cora's husband and a guerrilla fighter, resulting in plenty of tense action.

Living in the "Second American Civil War", sexy Barb Wire works as a mercenary and runs a night club to earn a living. When a fugitive scientist, who bring with him the blueprints of government's bio-weapons, comes and hides in her club, Barb gets caught up in a deadly adventures that she had never expected to. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin C (nl) wrote: A very moving film about how a troubled youth can emotionally scar in adulthood. Cillian Murphy's acting in this is award winning.

Gary M (ca) wrote: Had a good storyline and some great dance moves but i still feel that it could of had more.

Eric H (ag) wrote: I was this movie yesterday. About half way threw I said to my self this was bad, but I had hopes that it would have to get better. It didn't. The late 1950's setting, some vintage cars, and watching Debby Harry dance to XMas music was all this lousy film had to offer. Wasted roles for Vincent Pastore and Johnny Knoxville, too many worthless fight scenes, and a horribly underdeveloped & misused plot made this film a major disappointment in my book. With the loaded cast, this film should have been much better.

Michael L (ru) wrote: Nothing happens. There's no real plot, just some minor happenings among the different members of a group of friends. I suppose they hit what 1959 was like and there were some funny parts but the only real reason to watch it is to see an early point of several actors' careers who would become stars.

gustavmarkovic31 (gb) wrote: jude law doesa pretty lazy and smarmy job as alfie, a city-renowned sex-machine, but all the women don't know that he is with about 5 others at the same time. the storyline goes no where interesting for the majority of the film only really sparking when jude meets up with his best friend's wife for the second time to tell her he is sorry, and then the friend, house's omar epps, comes home and calmly confronts him, and jude law is reduced to tears in the car. only then does the film wander above the average mark it deserves. but most of it is just a dull slog, with not much to sustain it and little interesting dialogue to go with.

Sergio O (fr) wrote: This movie is awesome for 1964, and incredible in its own right.

Richard P (ru) wrote: Interesting idea for a western.

Dennis B (au) wrote: This movie is as cold as ever. Great fight scenes and a story line I actually care about watching.

Tristan M (gb) wrote: My first problem with this movie is that why is every German pilot flying a red Fokker Dr 1? They should be flying Albatros and defiantly not all red, unless the Red Baron somehow got cloned a few hundred times. The other thing is that the battle scenes sucked. Apart from that not a bad movie. Dosent need to many fixes to be a good war movie

Shawn S (br) wrote: This has an intriguing premise, a great cast, and some stunning visual effects but suffers from a mediocre script and a problematic third act.

Rene J (ru) wrote: Why am I still watching this? I hate zombies.

M C (br) wrote: A fun and likable movie with some great performances. In all it's pretty underrated. 72/100