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Barbagia torrent reviews

Matthew J (de) wrote: A fascinating look at the meaning of life discussed by some of today's most esteemed scholars. Though some of the interviews seemed a little off topic and politically biased, this is still a good documentary.

Asif K (es) wrote: looks like a small movie but a nice one

Ieuan R (mx) wrote: The policeman was good in this as well!!!!!!

Addie M (kr) wrote: i read some of the book and its good so i wanna see the movie

Melanie H (us) wrote: holy shit this movie is bad.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Regardless of it's nonsensical, irrelevant title, Hot Dog...The Movie proves to be another high mark in hilarious 80's-riffic cinematic gold. The story has up and coming skier Patrick Houser meeting hot hitchhiker Tracy Smith and embarking on a road trip to a ski resort for some good old fashion ski competitions. While at the resort, they meet new friends (including David Naughton), do battle with foreign bad guy competitor John Patrick Reger, and engage in a wild assortment of partying, boozing, and LOTS of sexing. The film features of incredibly bevy of nudity throughout, including some rather risque sexing by none other than the great Shannon Tweed. Aside from all the debauchery and blue-collar gags and wiener jokes, the film does show off some impressive skiing scenes. Recognize the funny Asian dude whose part of the good guy team? Perhaps. That's James Saito, who would go on to play badass villain Shredder in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Anyways, Hot Dog The Movie is definitely a flick for 80's enthusiasts. Unlike a lot of the other ones, this actually DOES show off a LOT of risque nudity and sex...much more than your common 80's sex comedy surprisingly. It's one for the books folks. Be on the lookout for old school Playboy model Crystal Smith, who easily wins for best sex/nudity scene in this entire film! She plays the motel clerk...that's all I'll say. Anyways, fun flick. Worth a watch.

Peter B (br) wrote: Featuring an unrealistic story and one sizable plot hole, this Hitchcock classic is not without its flaws. However, presenting a great script, score and many twists and turns, Vertigo is quite a feat.

Ryan S (it) wrote: Man do I love that scene when the alien pops out of Kane's stomach! Overall, Alien is a great movie! I loved the connection between Ridley and Dallas. Also, the alien's looks so real! You're not going to believe who Ash actually is!

Phil L (jp) wrote: This movie suffered from bad marketing. It was billed as the next Sin City. It isn't. Frank Miller does what he always does, find the heart of a Super Hero. For Batman that was the The Dark Knight Returns, for The Spirit that is slap stick comedy. Fans of the comics will realize this instantly. No that humor was intentional. Yes, the kitchen sink makes sense.

Luca D (mx) wrote: Un film per bambini che risulta essere meno ispirato rispetto alla striscia di fumetti.