It is the summer of 1980 in East Germany and, alone, Barbara is confined to living and working as a doctor in a small provincial town - her punishment for attempting to emigrate to the West. She has only one focus; to escape and for this, she has to wait patiently. Until Andre, her supervisor in the hospital, takes her off course. Are his motives of love or duty to the authorities? The day-to-day pretense, and content supervision slowly take their toll as the tension builds.

A doctor working in 1980s East Germany finds herself banished to a small country hospital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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EQ R (kr) wrote: With the majority of the film void of any laughs and the lack of chemistry between Willis and Morgan it's hard to enjoy this movie. It's supposed to be a throwback to 80's buddy cop films but ends up being a boring and stale attempt at recreating the late great buddy cop genre. Willis seemed bored most of the time, Morgan is annoying 98% of the time and the villain is lame. A chuckle or two thrown in with a great cast and great director with a nice 80's synth score can't rise the film out of the "failed attempt bin". It gets points for TRYING to round up potential and add to a once great genre. D

Travis C (it) wrote: It's not a new plot, but it takes that used plot and twists it, smashes it, and bends it into something wholly unique while reminding us of our capacity for cruelty through effective allegory.

Aaron C (au) wrote: This movie is awesome. Go watch it.

Stephanie P (ag) wrote: Really not impressed..also very depressing...

Joel A (ru) wrote: An undeniably bad & uneven drama staring hit Aussie Singer Natalie Imbruglia who did the best she could with a lousy script.Shot very well in the seaside town of Semaphore in Adelaide's North the story could have been excellent but with confusing flashbacks & very poorly written script this film just sank.I think it was a good story on its own but the final delivery was slow & dull. Other than some nice photography there is little to praise of the film.

Luis B (kr) wrote: Jeremy Northam's performance is first-rate, but there's perhaps one too many twists in this corporate espionage movie for my taste. The production budget is limited, but Director Natali does a lot with very little, and embues the material with a noirish sophistication. Great followup for fans of "Cube" and future fans of "Splice."

Matt H (nl) wrote: There was some good performances but I never felt invested in any character like I thought I should.

Cancelled U (mx) wrote: very very good te history

JohnnyLee T (ag) wrote: Conventional approach to WW2 drama, except told from the German side. Largely spoilt by John Gavin's wooden acting. Jock Mahoney would have been better in the lead, not in a bit part. Keenan Wynn lifts it whenever he appears.Directed by German, based on German book. Author has small part. He sums up his philosophy as need to believe in God. (Believe it if you want!)

Mario G (br) wrote: Ya no las hacen como antes...