Barbara Broadcast

Barbara Broadcast

In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute.

In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul S (kr) wrote: One of the greatest movie of all time!

Patti C (jp) wrote: Awesome nailbiter of a movie. Shows what really happens to unarmed civilians when the SHTF. The antigunners have their heads where the sun don't shine.

Oscar M (it) wrote: Si tomamos en cuenta. Que bueno que no vi esa pelicula

anthony m (fr) wrote: If it stars Katt Williams you know it's going to suck

Heavenly B (br) wrote: I loved this movie, and I thought the twins who played the eponymous brothers were gorgeous - I wish I were 20 years younger! :)It was a genuinely moving film, with some funny bits, but the ending was very sad, if inevitable. I thought I'd hate it because it would be exploitative, but it wasn't at all. I hated the Ken Russell insert bit, I hate creepy stuff like that, but other than that this is a wonderful film which will haunt you.

Grant S (br) wrote: Had potential, but ultimately fell back on cliches. Very predictable ending (down to a "Shawshank Redemption"-like image for the screenshot marketing). Has its moments though. The scenes with the gorillas were moving. If the gorillas plot was made the central plot, this would have been a great movie. Despite being saddled with a fairly lame script, Anthony Hopkins is solid in the lead role. Cuba Gooding Jr is fairly unconvincing though.Not worth the time.

Rebecca (es) wrote: I've seen it a dozen times 11 I love the movie It's one of my favorites .

Shane J (nl) wrote: Corey haims taken on vampire and werewolfs now takes on a genetic mutant telepathicelly linked to a dog! yep haim meets a dog thats being stalked by a killer mutant thing. And no one thinks maybe they should just lose the dog?or actually just shoot the mutant? of all the cops etc who come across it none think to shot it apart from haim! Oh and why i think of it his mum is well to young to be playing haim's mum!! and whats with the weird sexual tension? yes haim she's a hotty but she's your mum dude! dont look at her like that when she's in her nighty. Its pretty low budget stuff hence u see very little of the monster due to it looking pretty bad from what u do see. Haim plays his usual teenage role. the film is save by the awesome michael ironside(isnt every film he's in!!)

Walter M (es) wrote: In "Burn!" Santiago is dead, having been tortured and decapitated by the authorities for being the leader of a rebellion in the Portugese colony of Queimada. That leaves Sir William Walker(Marlon Brando) of the British Admiralty at something of a loss, as he was orchestrating the whole thing. So, he picks Jose Dolores(Evaristo Marquez), a lowly porter, to lead the ex-slaves while he employs Teddy Sanchez(Renato Salvatori) to handle it from another angle. "Burn!" reminds me a lot of the discussions about international development I remember from college(ah, the good old days!), except this movie is a lot more entertaining in detailing how natural resources are more important to colonial powers than human lives, even while paying lip service to human rights. All the while, talk of independence is being manipulated, as control moves from one power to another. Walker may feel that he is above and better than this but he is no different, with more than one master himself. Actually, he is a bigger manipulative bastard than them all. As good as he is at his profession, he cannot control everything, due to some events taking on a life of their own and are bigger and more complicated than mere mortals can handle.

Gordon B (es) wrote: It's exactly what the title says it is. So if you're a fan of sci fi films shot in glorious technicolor, you should enjoy this throwback to a time when movies went to mars.

Richard C (kr) wrote: nice slice of british cinema. joan collins looks terriffic and kathleen harrison is great.well worth a watch.

Minh M (fr) wrote: A horror film that admits that it's filled with cliche scenes. Somewhat predictable. Every character is so sarcastic and mean to each other, there is no way to care about any of them...but why am I studying this film that deeply. It sucked!

Private U (mx) wrote: I found this an interesting and accurate portrayal of the British upper classes.

Janette J M (it) wrote: A bit too meandering for my liking. Lost interest towards the middle.

Wayne S (it) wrote: A sentimental journey about it never being too late to change, family relationships and growing old.