In the far future, a highly sexual woman is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people.

Set in an unspecified future, the movie follows highly sexual Barbarella as she is assigned with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand, whose positronic ray, if not recovered, could signal the end of humanity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barbarella torrent reviews

Anirban M (us) wrote: Given the hype around the movie. it was the most horrible movie I saw, the plot just dragged on, the romantics parts were bad, to summarize, there was nothing good about the movie. Luckily I saw it on flight between Bangalore and Delhi, so nothing lost

Sajin P (ru) wrote: Based on the true story of Jessica Lal murder case in 1999, this film points finger at the corrupted and outdated justice system in India.The plot and theme of the movie is powerful and meaningful. But disappointing, even pathetic performances from the main cast spoil the party and even kind of took the edge off the movie. Vidhya Bhalan is toned down to such an exaggeration that, more than often her character looks like a retard. Although the intention was to present a strong independent woman, Rani's character looked pretty stupid with all that excessive swearing.

Bryan B (us) wrote: The most pretentious film of the year.

Max M (jp) wrote: Bones is a creepy horror film starring rapper snoop dogg bones is a freaky horror film by Ernest R. dickerson who directed films such as juice, and tales from the crypt presents demon knight this is a great creepy horror film it is more of a house on haunted hill in the hood but this film is scary and snoop dogg plays a scary character named jimmy bones who is a rapper and one day at this hotel something like that he was murdered by a policeman played by michael T. weiss which the murder had happened in 1979 but after these events which fast fowards to present day a man played by Khalil Kain and some friends decide to build a nightclub and then jimmy bones ressurects from the dead I dont want to spoil it the film is scary the film was hated by critics in october 2001 a month after september 11th and the film had came out in america and had opened 10/26/2001 the opened at 10th place due to the jeff bridges and kevin spacey film K-PAX what could have made it to where bones would be more sucessful if that it would come out the weekend before bones is scary film with very scary scenes and also stars Pam Grier (Foxy brown, Ghosts of mars, and Coffy) who plays snoop dogg's love intrest the film is very scary Bones is more of a urban horror flick than a supernatrual/haunted house type film snoop dogg's first role in a horror film is scary bones does not only have such a great and creepy story but has a great cast and great direction erneest dickerson this one of new line cinema's best horror films there are other ones too that they mad that I had liked but this is a scary film highly recommended and also there are great death scenes and great gore effects added to the film.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Glover and Gibson are as good as normal but the return of Joe Pesci and introduction of Rene Russo were good complements. Still would like it to be more of a cop movie:

John B (jp) wrote: I think it would be quite an interesting exercise to see what Sean Penn could have made of his career if he exclusively directed and didn't appear in front of the camera. This film is evidence that it would have been quite the considerable body of work!

Chelsey W (ca) wrote: :Love this movie, funny! I think it had points in it people just over-looked. It had comedy, drama. sex and everything a movie needs to be great- AND a plot!

Guillaume H (au) wrote: the suspense is ok, as is the directing, so it makles it bearable, but the story... is idiotic. Every possible wrong turn is taken, dialogues are inane, and almost every single character is dumb and mean, like its been written by bad people or something. I realize 80's movies thought obnoxious was cool but this one is way too heavy in this department.

Sam D (ag) wrote: MUCH better than the Who's first film, Tommy, Quadrophenia tells its story without the need to advertise The Who.

M C (it) wrote: The most boring mob film I've ever seen; hopefully they'll re-edit it before release to the States. Hire the Big Short sound design and editing crew to make it happen.

Truc N (gb) wrote: ahaha.. porky =) im a pig.. snort..grunt.. *wiggles my squiggly curly tail

Tyler R (gb) wrote: Terribly unfunny movie with total toilet humor and the iq of a ant.

Alyson C (au) wrote: Okay, as long as Pierce Brosnan doesn't try to sing.