Bare et liv - historien om Fridtjof Nansen

Bare et liv - historien om Fridtjof Nansen


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Bare et liv - historien om Fridtjof Nansen torrent reviews

Steve R (it) wrote: A wonderfully entertaining documentary about one of the best bands ever and, hands down, the best frontman ever. No one could match Iggy Pop's intensity, energy and aggression.

Ian R (jp) wrote: This series just wrecks you, even if the participants are so "normal" that is the point... life and aging on film

Jeff B (gb) wrote: This was bad, though the fight and shower scenes were somewhat redeeming.

Oj H (gb) wrote: Interesting concept... but man, what a fucking waste, and ultimately forgettable

Russ B (kr) wrote: 12/30/2015: Not near as good as I remembered it being when it first came out.

Philip C (de) wrote: NOT WORTHY OF A HALF STAR! AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Des S (ag) wrote: For the most part I enjoyed the storyline and the acting, but I found some of the movie to be a little cheesy.

Isaac K (de) wrote: Pretty good sci-fi flick, even if the premise is kinda dumb. It's WW2 and some soldiers find a crashed alien spaceship. It's good, but a couple of goofy moments drag it down a little. Worth the watch, And A Personal favorite of mine.

Christopher S (es) wrote: Oddly overlooked effort from writer-director Richard Brooks is a pretty clever satire that may be more relevant today than when it was made. The convoluted plot can be tricky, and the production values are a bit bland (Brooks does a great job as a writer, but as a director he could have exercised more visual flair) - but the cast is strong, and it takes a number of sharp, compelling jabs at politics and the media. Worth seeking out.

Philip T (jp) wrote: jackie chan = monkey dance

Austin G (gb) wrote: Unfunny, awful, and any other synonyms you want to Google.

Ben L (us) wrote: The Fault in our Stars does as much as it can, which is hard when you have to be a good adaptation of one of the most wonderful novels ever written. However, if you are looking for a good adaptation, don't watch this movie. There isn't much more to be said. It's not as funny as the book, it milks the romance aspect to tug at our feelings too much, but it doesn't even do that right. If not for the good music, fairly good performances and a certain well respected actor with the initials of W.D., this film would fall flat on it's face. All in all, it's okay. Maybe just watch it once.