Bare Knuckles

Bare Knuckles

Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers is no exception. Along with her young daughter, Milla, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt double by day and cocktail waitressing at a rowdy bar at night. When Sam uses her skills to end a bar fight between two drunk women, down and out fight promoter Sonny Cool sees an opportunity to get back into the game. He tells Sam all about the "show," a high class, underground illegal all female bare knuckle fight tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception. Is the price too much for her...? Bare Knuckles..... a knockout punch of strength and determination, inspired by a true story.

Can a determined single mom go the distance and win the tournament that could ultimately lead to a better life for her and her daughter? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (de) wrote: Slow moving and boring

Joseph S (br) wrote: A Japanese man wakes in a bare illuminated white room with no doors. The walls are lined with what look like the penises of Cherubs(the little fat baby angels) protruding from the wall much like the candalabra arms of Coctuea's "Beauty And The Beast". The man discovers that each time he touches one of the penises a random object appears in the room (a racket, chop sticks, an African man who runs through walls, etc). What does this mean? What does this have to do with the story of a professional Mexican wrestler named The Escargot set to return to the ring, though many believe him too old (which is the film's sub-plot)? Vincenzo Natali's "Nothing" filled an unwritten page green screen background world with two roommates who have the mysterious power to negate existence, one wish at a time. Hitoshi Matsumoto's film bares a passing visual semblance to "Nothing", but Matusmoto's world has more inexplicable rules of cause and effect, equal parts Kafka and mad lib. Did I mention this is a slapstick comedy full of fart jokes, cus it's that too, and yet it's so much more. Is "Symbol" a title in irony, a clue to the mysteries of the glorious All-Penis and it's great lazer light show from beyond. You be the judge.More later...

Joy J (au) wrote: Very simple credible situations, no princes on white horse, no cheap magics... just the way things happen when it comes to find courage to make a choice of life. Some grab it, some let it slip away... the love. Very realistic, well made. I liked it. Well deserved 4 stars.

Oona B (mx) wrote: i wish i could be that anorexic, like those chicks, but unfortunately, i enjoy food.

michelle c (ca) wrote: here i go again with my kate winslet films =) it's an old film i know but its one of those indie films that again makes you think about what you're doing with your life. the thing is we all search for something, what it is, only we know when we find it. and sometimes what we find is not something we had hoped for.

Stephen P (ca) wrote: I have not seen this film for ages but it has always stuck with me - I am thinking of showing this film at our next film club night - so I guess I need to look for a copy. Eerie and haunting from beginning to end. Can't wait to see it again.

Edgar C (fr) wrote: Another solid giallo by the master of deception and thrills, this time playing with a plot evolving around the airs of Stephen King, yet without forgetting his unique trademark style.People: When you see an Italian horror classic from the 70s and 80s (some other countries too), for the love of God, pay attention to the music. The score in this case is everything! You gotta love that 80s tune of the macabre!97/100

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