The "black sheep" son of a wealthy family meets a young psychiatric patient who's been raised in isolation her entire life. He takes the naive young woman home for his brother's wedding an improbable romance blooms, as she impresses everyone with her genuine, simple charms. Remake of the German film "Barfuss" (2005).

The "black sheep" son (Scott Speedman) of a wealthy family meets a free-spirited, but sheltered woman (Evan Rachel Wood). To convince his family that he';s finally straightened out his life, he takes her home for his brother';s wedding where an improbable romance blooms, as she impresses everyone with her genuine, simple charms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barefoot torrent reviews

Monika L (ru) wrote: A movie about a violent tire.

Francis M (ru) wrote: Probably charming and close the heart if you are from this part of the world, the southern south, but for me cringing at times, with the accents and the repeditive lazy life style that is normal there. Well acted, but nothing origional.

TTT C (it) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down

Fascade F (us) wrote: A truly timeless and beautifully detailed crime saga...performances from performers must be seen and what they went through will be felt to the core of your soul. Possess will remember it forever.

Amrissa H (br) wrote: I really want to see this I'm horse crazy just like them I even have my own horse and do rodeo.~?

Jason F (ag) wrote: Great soundtrack and strippers. Whats not to love!

Haley I (es) wrote: it would not let me watch the movie

Dena S (it) wrote: this one wasnt good like the first one

Walter M (gb) wrote: "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?" starts with the local civic leaders deciding that the way to put a halt to youthful vice and sloth in Sarajevo is to form a dance band. To be honest, there is probably not that much to be alarmed about since it only includes the usual like smoking, drinking and running a lottery to buy a bicycle. Dino(Slavko Stimac), a teenager, takes little notice of it all since he is so busy with his studies on hypnotism. That is until Pog(Boro Stjepanovic), the local pimp, tells him to stash Dolly Bell(Ljilijana Blagojevic), one of his prostitutes, in his family's pigeon coop. With his first feature film that contains a couple of totally heartbreaking scenes, "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?" Emir Kusturica creates a bittersweet and spirited coming of age story where Dino is exposed to sex and death for the first time, giving him something to sing about. At the same time, he learns the world does not run like it was designed to. He is not the only one as his father(Slobodan Aligrudic), an alcoholic, is also a firm believer in Marxism which nobody ever gets right in the real world. Why else would the family spend six years in temporary housing waiting for a state apartment?

Geo T (nl) wrote: If I Stay is a film that wont stay long in the memory of the viewers. Part of that is because the story is weak and cheesy add to that the weak supporting cast, In the end, If I Stay is an average film.

John A (us) wrote: The best told, most informative and entertaining film of the 2008 financial collapse. Compelling viewing for modern historians or anyone who likes a 'good' story.