Downtrodden writer Henry and distressed goddess Wanda aren't exactly husband and wife: they're wedded to their bar stools. But they like each other's company- and Barfly captures their giddy, gin-soaked attempts to make a go of life on the skids.

The film centers on Henry Chinaski who spends almost time drinking in the bar. One day, he confronts a alcoholic- Wanda and falls in love with her. Then, He becomes famous by dint of his poems but what is the last choice? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barfly torrent reviews

Bobby N (it) wrote: Loved it. Original story with a nice flow. Nice little flick.

Gavin M (it) wrote: Another great Tony Scott film. Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman are explosive in their performances.

Eric H (de) wrote: this movie is Bad! Not only is every line forced and every situation unbelievable, but the acting is horrendous. And each scene of peril is highlighted with corny, clichd one-liners that only a four-year-old would deem funny, such as--oh, look, we're being thrown to our death in this car. I sure hope it has airbags! Jesus. When any sane person would be screaming, these creepy lines are popping up by the second. It's just goofy, unbelievable, and stupid. Don't waste your time.

Riina P (jp) wrote: 4* in a b-movie rate ;)"it's a cold cosmos."

Alaine B (au) wrote: "Adult" themes and situations. The bad girl basically gets away with it all, even when she loses. Using men to better herself and who cares who gets hurt.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. It had a good story with an entertaining cast. Some moments were fuckin hilarious.