Barken Margrethe

Barken Margrethe

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Barken Margrethe 1934 full movies, Barken Margrethe torrents movie

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Barken Margrethe torrent reviews

Matt C (gb) wrote: The weakest of the three films by some margin. Unlike the bloated and baffling book there's just really not a lot going on. The conclusion in particular is a real let-down.

Armando B (fr) wrote: A very predictable horror B-movie, with a decent cast of unknown actors, a rather convincing setting (for a moment I thought they were actually in Ireland) and an unoriginal yet good-enough story... but the awful editing, laughable death scenes (except for the first one), poor make-up and terrible acting make it one of the worst horror films I've watched. Recommended only for true fans of the genre...

Bernard N (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]Well, I went to see [u]The Singing Revolution[/u] with my sweetie yesterday. The story it told is amazing, that the small Estonian nation was able to hold onto its national identity and throw off the Soviet yoke largely through their folk song tradition and their annual Song Festival. The importance of song to the Estonians seemed to me rather like the importance of song to the Welsh, who also hold such large festivals and which allowed them to maintain their national identity -- Welsh is still a living Celtic language. Admittedly, luck and time played a part in their success -- it turned out that their own government, still under Soviet control, had become more responsive, and the Soviet Union itself was falling apart. Had the singers tried such a push 10 years earlier, the Soviet tanks would turned Tallinn into another Prague. [/font][font=Century Gothic]That said, I would have to say that the documentary itself, while well done, was not exceptional. The documentarians did a good job of contacting most of the relevant parties, and they made this film close enough to the event that there were many who could contribute. Linda Hunt's narration was fine, but this is a film about how singing fueled a peaceful revolution -- it seemed like it should have had more zing. It was probably too much to expect something like "Broadway Melody" from [u]Singin' in the Rain[/u], but a little more flash would have made the film watching experience better -- the actual historical event was one worth capturing, and the filmmakers did an adequate job -- they could have done more. [/font]


Melanie a (es) wrote: good movie. #classic

Laura Z (au) wrote: Excelente como un poco de esperanza hace que tu instinto de supervivencia reaparezca. Muy buena.

Noname (de) wrote: A drama crime movie taking place in NY Bronx late 60's. The story focus on the 18 year old Anthony Curtis played by Larenz Tate from movies like the popular Menace II Society. He is choosing to fight in Vietnam with some friends rather than college. It was a pretty long war scene in this movie actually along with the crime stuff on the streets of Bronx so its almost hard to find the right genre for this flick. But its an interesting story and very nice performances. There are a few famous faces here like Keith David and Chris Tucker and he is the same as always with the same type of humor. Anyway a pretty good flick to sum it up with a mix of many genres.

Bianca J (ca) wrote: i gotta see this lol

Tyler H (fr) wrote: One of the greatest films ever made - period.

Tim S (au) wrote: One of William Castle's more interesting films. With another screenplay from Robert Bloch, this movie is one part Twilight Zone, one part Vertigo and all parts Castle. This is one of William's better efforts and I did find some creepyness to it, which rarely happens to me. It is far better than his previous effort I Saw What You Did.

Clay R (us) wrote: I would give Avatar less than the half star I gave it if I could. It took me a week to slog through. The story is awful. If you have seen Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas, Fern Gully, or Atlantis: The Lost Empire you have seen Avatar with much better stories that make a lot more sense. The only redeeming quality Avatar has is it is pretty to look at so I guess that half star is about what it deserves after all.

Taio G (es) wrote: Insanely stupid but there's too much to enjoy

Paul M (es) wrote: Not breaking new ground (in fact I think this general premise has been used in many, many horror films), but it's quite well done and it's foreign (Australia), so it'll make you feel all fancy watching a foreign film. Plus it's supposedly based on real events. I'm a little surprised at some of the statistics, though.

Scott M (au) wrote: quite enjoyed this , gorey plenty action and unique storyline. typical horror based on teens though. few famous recognisible faces throughout movie.