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Tim B (au) wrote: A fun, semi-true story about cops, robbers, corruption and gameplay.

Shaad A (ru) wrote: Phenomenal acting - loved it.

Arun D (ag) wrote: Ohh what the crap they have made out of football.:(WTF U FAGGOT MOFO :-|I mean come on dude, Football is religion in england n Europe. Plz respect that. Stay Away!

Sally F (es) wrote: Cool wasp and wasp zombies, but the story needed to speed up a bit in the middle.

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Phill D (de) wrote: Great cast, emotional story!

Vernice S (fr) wrote: Ok I must rent the weirdest movies, because yes, I rented this sucker. I had to - Mischa Barton and Lacey Chabert were in it (in their wonder years). It was ok..if you like catty school girl movies. :/

Tyson P (mx) wrote: watch it with some buddys and ull prolly have some laughs

Magdelene S (es) wrote: even though i love ellen and bill pullman, this was a really bad film. i think ellen knows that too :P

Hannah D (kr) wrote: This was a feel-good romcom which suddenly went down a dark path towards the end when one of the main characters dies. That was depressing, but it added a bit of gravitas to the plot, which was very lightweight until that point, although having said that, there were some quite funny lines. The best thing about the film is definitely Julia Roberts' character, Shelby.

Joe T (br) wrote: I wish I had a time machine so I could stop it from being made.

Cresswell S (it) wrote: excellent western, has Stewart trying to help/stop his kid brothers gang

Kristoffer C (ca) wrote: a decent way to end the series. Not as sharp as the early ones but still a charmer..

Jennifer E (gb) wrote: I'm see how far backward man has gone on the evolutionary scale.


Brian T (ca) wrote: This was surprisingly good considering the vampire theme has become a little tired lately. The plot had some fresh ideas like vampire impotence that made for some good jokes throughout. Worth seeing on DVD for sure.