A father's quiet retreat to the woods with his two children turns into a fight for survival.

The Shade family without Leah's wife spend time for traveling to a isolated Cabin in the mountains where Leah's wife used to go when she is a little girl. Unfortunately, a terrible event happens and makes them face, fight to gain survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Barricade torrent reviews

Priscilla A (ca) wrote: At first I thought it was going to be a film about creepy guys that like watching a cartoon made for little girls, but it's not. You learn about the "Brony" culture and why they have so much love for MLP. After watching this film, I've gained respect for some of these individuals and the message they stand behind. Very interesting film! '?

Giuseppe B (ca) wrote: Brilliant little gem from Ozpetek. Romantic and bittersweet delight.

Mr D (ag) wrote: This is an good alternative for people who detest nazi zombie movies because of their historical inaccuracy. The downside is Zombie Osama makes his first real entrance in the movie around 60 minutes in. The movie has a pretty serious tone. The good part Zombie Osama isn't CGI.

Joris H (nl) wrote: I love this film. The pacing is very relaxed, the performance of penn is spot on for someone who has trouble dealing with the speed/pace of the world around them. Very enjoyable to see a film that doesn't try to wrap up every single part of the plot

Kim L (jp) wrote: Loved Flicka and couldn't resist ordering this from Net Flix to see if the sequel lived up to the 1st. It did... tears and joy. My horse was a great friend and I miss him. There is no better therapy than wide open spaces and the wind in your hair!

Kate I (ru) wrote: This doc is not conclusive which is a little frustrating. It is interesting for some perfunctory art world drama and weirdos.

Amanda O (br) wrote: they should have stopped a long time ago

ken k (es) wrote: Every American should see this wonderful account of the struggles for truth by victims families after 9-11. It amazes me that it took so long for me to see this great, moving film. Bravo! Ken K.

Private U (it) wrote: i luved the fact that they actualli showed wat happened 2 muslims...that must've been hard 4 a nonmuslim director...good job...however there WAS sum material i didn't agree w/.....well, it's a start.....think about it it necessary 2 make an anti-muslim film...(not that this 1 is completely 1)

Jesus H (jp) wrote: i don't like chris rock movies

William M (kr) wrote: The only redeeming point of this movie is about 75% of the way through. A man, clearly mentally retarded- wanders into the film and becomes an instant star. Compared to the much more retarded plot line and terrible script, he was actually a genius. There is no effort to explain why he is in the movie, but personally, just for the laughs, this man deserves an emmy.

Saa T (de) wrote: baguslah.. mayan klo buat watu senggang

James O (es) wrote: Don't understand the critics reviews. All rather silly. Hoffman is good and so is Baldwin, everyone else is just a bit silly. Not particularly funny, not an engaging storyline. Just seriously average.

Dorianator F (fr) wrote: Decent movie. Good cinematography, good acting, and an okay story. It just didn't keep my attention, but it was somewhat memorable.

Claudette A (nl) wrote: I'm not into Sci-Fi movies but his one was interesting. Fiennes is great in this role. However the movie does go on a bit too long.

Corinna L (ca) wrote: Easy, light, true, perfect...A real pleasure....

Robski S (us) wrote: AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC!!

Walter M (ru) wrote: "Illusion Travels by Streetcar" starts with Caireles(Carlos Navarro) and Tarrajas(Fernando Soto) going above the call of duty by repairing a trolley car well ahead of schedule. And then almost get fired for their efficiency. So, they decide to do the only reasonable thing and get drunk that night, just as they have to perform in a religious pageant. Once the beer runs out, they decide to appropriate some more for themselves. It doesn't stop there, however, as the guys also borrow the repaired trolley car for a ride. It is one thing to make a period piece about the tragedy of the triumph of the car over mass transit and quite another as Luis Bunuel does with his entertaining "Illusion Travels by Streetcar" to do it as it is happening.(The scenes involving the corn meal shortage escape me, as they are probably very much of this specific time and place.) That's even though the story gets off to a rough start, especially the religious pageant which is probably Bunuel just practicing on one of his pet issues. But once it does, the film moves nicely, engagingly proving the universal constant that mass transit is a melting pot for a city's classes, much to the ignorance of the transit's bosses.

Jon H (de) wrote: ...Can you tell me where I can find a book on astronomy?......DON'T YOU KNOW THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM?!...