Sharda and her sister Poornima alias Nima live with their widowed father. Since both have come of age, he first arranges Sharda's marriage with a businessman named Balraj Kohli. ...

Sharda and her sister Poornima alias Nima live with their widowed father. Since both have come of age, he first arranges Sharda's marriage with a businessman named Balraj Kohli. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M Ann N (ru) wrote: This film was not ever funny. Mean-spirited, ugly (except for the lovely British background,) sad, dysfunctional, twisted . . . but I did not laugh once. Relentlessly unpleasant.

Luciano J (au) wrote: Um belo registro de uma das mulheres mais importantes das Amricas, no s por sua arte, mas muito pela sua luta poltica. Violeta Parra deveria ser muito mais conhecida e reconhecida no Brasil.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: A little above mediocre and somewhat tainted the parapsychology experiments, which took away from the scariness. Not recommended to add to ones horror library but makes for an interesting watch.

Scott W (ag) wrote: pretty good movie.. not as "action'y" as i had hoped

Simon M (mx) wrote: This ~documentary(TM) assumes global warming as a given, then looks at the most effective ~solutions(TM) to reduce carbon imprint. The first casualty of the documentary is ~carbon credits,(TM) which is exposed as doing little to nothing for global warming. That(TM)s not all that surprising, because ~carbon credits(TM) is nothing more than a wealth-redistribution scheme on a world-wide scale by so-called ~progressives(TM) and liberals. These so-called ~progressives(TM) knew, however, that if they presented the ~carbon credits(TM) scheme as the wealth-redistribution scheme that it is, it would quickly and accurately be tagged as socialistic and even communistic, and, by itself, unlikely to be adopted by western legislatures. So these same so-called ~progressives(TM) invented the hoax of ~global warming(TM) and touted it as a catastrophe about to happen, with ~carbon credits(TM) scheme as the solution. What Bjorn Lomborg has done is expose the ~carbon credits(TM) scheme as an ineffective solution to ~global warming,(TM) if it was occurring. This alarms and angers the so-called ~progressives(TM) because without a ~global warming(TM) ~emergency,(TM) their wealth-redistribution scheme of ~carbon credits(TM) would unlikely ever be adopted. Unfortunately, ~global warming(TM) itself is far from a given, and in fact is very much in doubt, as independent studies have resulted in just the opposite conclusion " if anything, the earth may be in a cooling cycle. Moreover, the ~spike(TM) in global temperatures predicted by ~global warming(TM) advocates was exposed as a fabricated concoction designed to instill fear and panic in the public " with, you guessed it, ~carbon credits(TM) as the answer. ~Global warming,(TM) as presented by the ~carbon credits(TM) crowd, is a hoax whose only purpose was and is to justify the ~carbon credits(TM) wealth redistribution scheme.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: - A woman that demands too much from others, expecting positive emotional responses from people as long as these responses are born in their hearts without previous request. Such expectations create a world of fear around her, with people ending up scared to create an emotional attachment with her of any kind.- A woman that tries to outdo her emotional abandonment, substituting it with a self-created independence, until realizing that complete independence from people is not something that exists in this world. We are not alone, and our actions, thoughts and words have an impact of variable magnitude on the direct or indirect receiver.- A woman that is willing to assume responsibilities of greater magnitude than her own perceptions and beliefs, until such circumstances come and make her question her true value as a person and, most importantly, as a woman.The stamps of American Beauty and Irritu are present throughout. Those are good qualities. No matter how many films we remember being about "the same", they will never stop being good because the high relevance of these topics is permanent. However, in order to state a message as true as "it's the time spent together that counts, more than blood. Time counts the most.", high directorial expertise is required to out-stand among your genre, Garca. Keep trying; you are on a good path.67/100

Ida K (de) wrote: Slow starting but it turned out to be an ok movie.

Darren H (fr) wrote: Cheap, pointless and, worst of all, dull.

Connor G (it) wrote: Surprisingly amusing for a late-night find.

NeCrO (mx) wrote: A mess from beginning to end

cath c (fr) wrote: great movie, totally original story line, kept me guessing, thought I knew, then was blown away at the end, totally worth watching over and over

Jason J (au) wrote: I can't recall this movie when it came out in 1988. It must have gone unnoticed even with 2 great stars such as John Cusack and Tim Robbins. It's a perfect satire of the eighties made at the end of the eighties. It is very funny, with an intelligent script and great dialog. Fine comedic performances by Cusack and Robbins. The movie is full of clever, yet not-so-obvious sight-gags. The soundtrack is fabulous too. In particular, Roscoe's Rap manages to send up MTV, KFC, TV advertising and rap music. Loved it!

Aj V (br) wrote: This is a really good apocalyptic movie, with an interesting cast, and a good story. I'd really like to re-watch it, though, I can't remember it very well.

Eytan D (au) wrote: "Bound" is a cool, stylish and wildly entertaining ode to noir and sexploitation. Great performances all around, especially from its three leads.

Matt C (br) wrote: This looks made-for-TV.

Zeb E (kr) wrote: Second in Command of SUCKING... First in Command belongs to Steven Seagal.

Dan R (it) wrote: It moves at that languid real life pace that movies can rarely get away with anymore. Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson Give great performances. There are times in this movie in which Glenda Jackson looks very similar to Catherine Zeta Jones. I am guessing its depictions of a gay man and a bi man were controversial at the time. Also One Night in Bangkok singer Murray Head is in this. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine!

Ben S (ru) wrote: Who knew that aerobics classes could inspire so much drama? A structurally disastrous, two-hour wallow in '80s emptiness. I enjoyed every minute--until the last 15.