Bashment Granny

Bashment Granny


A riveting comedy about a desperate conman's quest to raise cash to satisfy the demands of his overbearing girlfriend and to feed his own insatiable appetite for money. The irony of this set-up is that while Trevor is trying to raise this cash from another of his girlfriends, he is using his father as part of the scheme. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (jp) wrote: [Note: I'm actually giving this zero stars. It only has half so you can see how shitty it is.]I'm not going to bother explaining why it has zero stars. I'll leave you with this: It's pretty telling for how bad a film is when I'd rather lick the Mountain Dew smegma off the case (I spilled it all over the cover back in.... April), than actually finish watching it.Also, cocks.

Heather W (au) wrote: Very solid and true to the show. It was great for the movie to be able to cross into the PG-13 areas that TV just can't. It also wrapped up all of those loose ends from the show. My biggest disappointment...where was all of the colored lighting a moody music from the show?!

Claire H (de) wrote: So, I watched this when I was bored and home alone. I don't mind Justin Timberlake and Jeff Bridges is pretty respectable. ... But oh my goodness!!! This film is awful!! I wanted to switch it off I was so bored, and that rarely happens! Avoid!

Robyn N (de) wrote: Without being melodramatic or overbearing, "Oslo, August 31st" is a heart-rending film about regret, and the difficulty in forgetting ones past in order to hope for a better future. "Oslo, August 31st" is an impressive adaptation that is wonderfully acted and directed -- a tender and subtle portrait of a tortured soul. This brilliantly directed second feature from Joachim Trier "Reprise" (2009), takes place over the course of one day, following Anders (Anders Danielsen Lie) as he reaches the end of his time spent at a drug rehab clinic. Some people are their own worst enemy, and Anders is exactly that person. His inability to connect with others leads to a bleak, empty existence. After a private suicide attempt, he insists in his support group that he's fine. The next day he goes to Oslo for a job interview, spending the majority of his day meeting people from his past. The film follows Anders throughout the day with extended conversations with various people that tell us as much about Anders, as they do about themselves. Everything we learn about Anders and his past is only through these interactions, never resorting to flashbacks. Anders simultaneously displays a condescending contempt and deep envy. His friends now lead happy lives, even if it seems everyone has become much more domesticated and boring even as their responsibilities begin to amass. Anders has his freedom -- but his freedom feels completely empty and aimless. In the best scene in the film, Anders sits alone at a coffee shop, taking in all the conversations around him. Everyone else is talking about their troubles, their aspirations, or their everyday routines. In contrast, Anders has none of these things. No real worries, no real direction in life. He's adrift, completely lost, and alone. Lie's central performance as Anders is truly remarkable, a self-confessed "spoilt brat who fucked up," his actions are not always sympathetic, but every little knock he takes over the course of the film has a cumulative effect. He's aided enormously by Trier's smart and analytical screenplay, as are the rest of the uniformly excellent cast. It's an emotionally draining experience, and Anders' determinedly pessimistic outlook and inability to escape his past is as saddening as it is inevitable. Trier has carefully crafted a portrait of an addict, and the pressures of modern life with outstanding technical assurance. It's a sad story, but beautifully told.

Gregory M (au) wrote: Beautiful in many ways,fantastic cinematography, a very well-known storyline,but still with the amazing talents of the young lead it managed to deliver in all possible ways.

Amy W (nl) wrote: Agreed. The ballet scene was quite mesmerizing. Even if the movie is quite slow-paced and seems never-ending, it has memorable moments and nice performances. Yu Aoi rocks! xD

Michael C (gb) wrote: Elisha Cuthbert? ok maybe.

Michelle G (nl) wrote: I really don't get why everyone thinks its really good. I honestly did get it. It was like confusing cause it kept on changing. Thats not cool. I don't recommend this one.

Paul D (us) wrote: There's little interest value in the storyline to this sequel, although if you're an Angelina Jolie fan this first proper outing for her on the big screen holds some, although she's clearly still learning her trade here.

Zaar D (fr) wrote: Sean Young is hereby annointed: "queen of the shitty movie"

Gregory W (es) wrote: one of the first examples of what would in the fifties be called juvi delinquent pics.

Vlady S (mx) wrote: such a good movie. So entertaining and funny. But the best pat is there's so much truth to this movie. It opened my eyes about the severe damage we're blindly causing to the earth.