Bashu, the Little Stranger

Bashu, the Little Stranger

Lost and left behind in a foreign country after running away, a little boy whose family have been killed during the war is saved and trained by a middle-aged woman.

During the Iran-Iraq War, Bashu, a young boy loses his house and all his family. Scared, he sneaks into a truck that is leaving the area. He gets off the truck in the Northern part of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael V (gb) wrote: Comedy is very subjective and you'll either get it or don't. I found this one to be another hilarious entry to the wink wink nudge nudge satire spoof selection. Like Kung Pow did with kung fu movies and Black Dynamite did with blaxploitation films this does with Mexican soap operas. I've never seen a Mexican soap opera so going into this with zero knowledge of this genre and I still had a good time with cheap sets, actors cloths changing between shots, riding fake horses with even more fake backgrounds that look like they got from a high school playhouse. And you get some great actors from the Latino world. Diego Luna whom I really enjoy is great. Gael Garcia who I know more for his serious roles felt very natural in a comedy setting. And jaw dropping beauty Genesis Rodriguez who mad a great turn as eye candy in Man on a Ledge shows she is more then looks this time around. And Will Ferrell being a white actor in a spoof of Mexican culture speaking in Spanish are half the jokes right there. What I love so much about spoof movies are the actors themselves. I think it's much harder to act in a movie like this because the actors have to act like they aren't in a spoof but an actual movie. And Ferrell pulls it off genuinely.

Maheshik S (gb) wrote: this is it!

Lee B (mx) wrote: Incredible movie...on a small budget...

Benjamin M (es) wrote: Probably just didn't get it, but I love the atmosphere

AD V (gb) wrote: It's really hard to discount a movie that has aliens playing a part as to why the sharks are raging in the first place. Plus the sharks growl and roar like tigers. Good stuff.

Chris M (ru) wrote: Very difficult to watch, more so that I'm a firefighter.

chico h (de) wrote: this movie is awsome totally awsome

Matthew B (kr) wrote: Pretty terrible. Stick to the first Halloween.

Scott A (es) wrote: My favorite of the sequels. The new characters add to the charm. The fart in the elevator it.

James B (gb) wrote: I was impressed with this film, Viggo Mortensen does a great job in it, and a good reason why Renny Harlin goes on to be a great director. good film this was.

Scott C (ca) wrote: This is pretty disposable stuff. Doesn't stick with you at all.

Brittany R (nl) wrote: What a gal. Several gals.

Bill B (us) wrote: William Castle's Psycho cash in is surprisingly engaging, though some of the convoluted plotting may require a second viewing, or maybe I just wasn't that invested in the final reveals of the film.It's an enjoyable flick though, worth a rental.

Graham J (us) wrote: Though a failure for Huston and Bogart compared to it's predecessor (The Maltese Falcon), this political thriller still entertains. Features great performances from Bogart and Greenstreet.

Andrew O (fr) wrote: Sometimes an unmanageable mess of a movie, but when it's at its most entertaining and eye-popping, it's hard to complain.

Ivo P (es) wrote: What an epic piece of crap!

Alec B (br) wrote: Its a pretentious mess. Huston's stylistic choices force the obvious metaphor down the audience's throats while simultaneous confusing them with useless character details (the camera movements in the final scene make the ending unintentionally hilarious). Taylor is bearable, but Brando is awful. His accent is incoherent and his character choices are bizarre at best. Its remarkably terrible, given the talent involved.