Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

A police detective is in charge of the investigation of a brutal murder, in which a beautiful and seductive woman could be involved.

Set in San Francisco, the film is about an alcoholic inspector Nick is pulled into a mysterious case with a novelist writing about sex named Catherine Trammel. The case and the novel have many things in common. What will Nick d to solve this mystery? Let’s follow him in this interesting movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (kr) wrote: Chadwick Boseman is amazing as James Brown, gives a performance of lifetime; the biopic covers all the points in the iconic life of the Godfather of Soul just it's a tad too long and not very entertaining.

Linda J (au) wrote: Sad to say it will be a typical black humor film but I wanna see it...

Jen G (es) wrote: The kills were really nasty and gruesome, good stuff. Bill Moseley's part was just not long enough and I did not like the end. Left too many questions open......

Alex Z (ag) wrote: Really really pitiful movie.....low budget at its best....i wont even get to far into the review.....atleast the costume of the Jersey Devil was somewhat cool........but other then that, it has a pitiful story, terrible ending, same old same old crap.....pass on this please.....

Stormy D (jp) wrote: Absolutely awesome movie, and one Incredible performance by Assante. Listen VERY carefully to the speech that you hear at the beginning and end of the movie, becasue the last part it true. Great movie all around.

Aj V (mx) wrote: An okay melodrama, it's not bad, but it's pretty boring for the most part.

James H (ru) wrote: Such a quirky film, director Peter Chelsom at least takes some risks and tries something different, unfortunately, it doesn?t always work, but when it does it is fascinating. Leslie Caron is terrific in a supporting role. It is too often an uneasy mix of comedy and heavy drama and it's 2 hour and 8 minute length is excessive for a film of this nature. Excellent score, finely photographed.

Robert W (us) wrote: A little late after Bullitt and Dirty Harry, but still a wonderful film.

Tom B (nl) wrote: We debated: Intentions Of Murder or Hangmen Also Die? In the end we picked Lang over Imamura, only because we were in the mood for noir-soaked images of Nazi-killing resistance fighters attempting to outwit and defeat the Nazi machine. What a gem! I kept thinking of M, the man-hunt through dark city streets, the outline of human interconnectedness, the depiction in this case not of the forensic details but rather the social details, and the emotional importance of character in human lives. In some ways this sinewy plot had more revelations per frame in terms of character quirks. The clownish Nazis masking a genuine menace, the utterly brutal violence, the passionate pleas, the rational discourse against fascism, and the unflinching portrayal of inevitable consumption by the machinery of fascism. The truth that it cannot be defeated in ways we might hope, even though we try. This message subverts the notion of some kind of rallying cry. This beast is a cynical exploration of futility. And yet there is hope in there, though perhaps not where we think. Long before any notion of a revenge-against-the-Nazis type of revisionism, here's the real thing. Revenge against the Nazis, and the bastards are us. If you love Lang's Mabuse stuff and M, this is a killer plot. Cries out for a loving restoration, stands easily on the shelf beside his best. What a treat to blindly turn a corner and find this yummy treat. Yay cinema!

Simon P (ca) wrote: Great concept! Atrociously acted cheesy trash directed by Fred Olen Ray, a true master of B-movie brilliance.Utter shit and fully recommended.