Basic Instinct 2

Basic Instinct 2

Novelist Catherine Tramell is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass to evaluate her. Though, like Detective Nick Curran before him, Glass is entranced by Tramell and lured into a seductive game.

Novelist Catherine Tramell is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Glass to evaluate her and soon gets intrigued by this seductive and manipulative woman. But as the number of murders increases, including that of Glass's ex-wife, Glass becomes obsessed with proving Tramell's guilt even though the evidence is contradictory . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jen b (ag) wrote: i have sooo many feels for this movie!!! my favourite youtubers are fucking awesome!!!! its a great movie!!! everyone needs to check it out!!!... these girls are so talented and just fucking hilarious!!!

Hendry L (ca) wrote: No shaky camera in action scenes. Unbelievable!

Naari S (gb) wrote: nice n stupid at the same time...influenced by Going distance of Drew

Steve H (us) wrote: this is regarded as one of the most important european cultural films of the 90s by one of britains greatest living poets and yet is unavailable to buy or watch, almost anywhere. why?

Joe A (jp) wrote: Steve Mena showed a lot of potential with his first film Malevolence and with Bereavement, he shows he is living up to it big time. While a prequel to his first film, Bereavement is crafted so you don't need to have seen Malevolence but, if you have, there are a lot of little touches and nods you'll recognize. This is a pull no punches horror about a young boy (Spencer List) kidnaped by a serial killer and forced to witness the atrocities he commits on innocent women. Mena's involving such a young child in all the violence is daring and horrifying at the same time and we share in the horror as young Martin Bristol is made to participate in his disturbed mentors acts. It's more horrifying since he is basically a good kid forced into this and not some "bad seed" which we've seen before. The film also follows a parallel story involving a teenage girl, Allison (Alexandra Daddario) who recently lost her parents which is obviously destined to collide with the ordeal of young Martin and to say anymore would spoil an intense chiller with a truly shocking and blood soaked final act. The cast, including genre vet Michael Biehn, performs well and Mena keeps a feeling of dread throughout and doesn't bludgeon us with shocking moments, so when they do come, they have the intended effect. Also, his camera work evokes John Carpenter at times as Mena knows how to frame a shot and achieve more with it then just making it look good. The effects are live and well executed and the lack of CGI is freshing. A highly recommended horror film. Watch through the credits especially if you saw Malevolence.

Marisa R (br) wrote: I really can't explain why I love Middle Eastern culture so much, but this movie is a delight for those of us who find that warmth in such incredibly fascinating culture. This is a beautiful movie to watch, exquisitely executed, visually impeccable with a great cast, sweet story and soothing music. It captures the mysticism a woman can experience during an intense trip, how many things can happen and how much one can change in just a few days in a different, yet familiar place. Plus, I absolutely loved the portrayal of Cairo, so naturally majestic as it truly is, beyond the stereotypes of the camels and the tents. This is my kind of chick flick; I fell madly in love of Tareq, played by stellar and incredibly handsome actor Alexander Siddig, whom I had already loved back in Kingdom of Heaven. Plus the charm of Oum Kalthoum's songs was the cherry on the icing... Yes, this is a must watch, with all the time and delight you can spare, it is worth the ride.

Patrick C (jp) wrote: Lundgren still hasn't fixed his acting problems yet and it certainly doesn't help when he is surrounded by rank amateurs. The Chinese actresses are very good though and the film is culturally accurate and respectful of the Inner Mongolian culture. There were rumors of a follow up but I don't think it is going to happen and its a good thing.

Cameron M (it) wrote: Many won't like it, but I admire the film for taking its dark subject matter in strangely surreal, disturbing, and surprisingly touching places

Phillie E (ca) wrote: Hewitt's boobs are phenominal. So are Friedle's.

Mark D (ag) wrote: Timecop is probably one of JCVD's best films, and remains a surprisingly well-made gem of '90s action cinema which seems to have been long forgotten over the years. The premise is relatively fresh, focusing on a police officer (Van Damme) who polices time travel in an attempt to stop those who wish to abuse it by going back and changing history for their own profit. This presents some fun scenarios as Van Damme travels back to various time periods and engages in some hand-to-hand combat. The fact that his character has a tragic story of his own helps to drive the film thematically, as he constantly struggles with his own desire to go back and save his wife from her untimely death. The action is raw and brutal, and Van Damme shows off his famous high-kicking techniques at numerous points. Sappy ending and gaping plot holes aside, this is a mindless action flick that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre.

Gabriel A (jp) wrote: "Sphere" uma concha vazia. Derivada de filmes famosos de fico cientfica cheia de falsas promessas. O diretor Barry Levinson est perdido em uma tiroteio sem saber se corre ou se esconde, na verdade no h o que ser dirigido, o roteiro de Kurt Wimmer, Stephen Hauser e Paul Attanasio razovel na sua primeira hora mas em seguida desce para um suspense inbil, sem qualquer razo para ser um filme, sem qualquer anzol para fisgar o espectador, sem nenhum criatividade que possa surpreender, sem ser, ele segue sendo um desastre cinematogrfico de duas horas e meia, sujando a carreira de grandes astros como Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson e Liev Schreiber, Sphere ainda conta com a participao de Peter Coyote e Queen Latifah.

Anthony T (br) wrote: I highly enjoyed this very crude comedy.