Basket Case

Basket Case

A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

Duane and Belial are Siamese twin brothers who were surgically separated against their will at an early age. Enraged at their humble fate, Duane carries his abnormal-looking brother in a locked basket behind his back and goes to New York to find the doctors responsible for their separation and take their revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Basket Case torrent reviews

Kenny D (fr) wrote: Loved it a lot... And she can make me tap out!!!!

JC L (kr) wrote: This is a very good film. I have a xylophone at home and i'm pretending to be a ranad player like the dude in the movie. reminds me of my old band days

Luis Y (fr) wrote: A slow start is elevated by the arrival of Natalie Portman. Once she arrives in the film it starts to ramp up and make sense due to the quirkiness of the plot in the beginning. The film has such a simple plot in that it explains the loneliness of the characters throughout. All of them are flawed but once they are together they are able to shove it aside and remiss on the greater things in their life. I loved the chemistry between Braff and Portman. All of their scenes were top notch and calm. This is really one of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen.

Claudia G (ag) wrote: crap movie, crap book

Tim H (es) wrote: Creepy snuff thriller. There are plenty of scenes in the film that are truly nail biting in execution. Well worth a look.

Drew H (au) wrote: a gritty crime drama which follows the tale of a young man that struggles with the conflicted nature of his role as an undercover police officer.

James F (mx) wrote: Why George, why? Did you really need the money that bad, did you not already have enough 50's stuffed in your wallet, did you really learn nothing from the Star Wars Christmas special..... I watched this again out of morbid curiousity after having seen it years and years ago when I was a little kid. All I can say is I'm currently blind in both eyes and struggling to find the will to live.......please, please don't ever watch this, at least let some good come from the horror I just put myself through......I don't normally write reviews on films this bad but people have to know how awful this truly is......

Brian B (it) wrote: Bedtime Story is an extremely entertaining comedy. Marlon Brando plays a playboy GI who tricks women into sleeping with him and giving him jewels and money. David Niven is a similar, however more sophisticated, charactor. A man who pretends to be a Prince in order to extract jewels and cash from wealthy American tourists. Their paths cross when they share a train cabin together, and a bit of rivalry sparks. When Shirley Jones comes to visit the Riviera things really go haywire. It's a shame this movie is impossible to find and isn't on DVD because it's really quite a treasure. Overall 3.5/4 Stars Grade = B+

Connor G (ag) wrote: It just lacked the charm musicals ought to have.

Daniel K (br) wrote: 3: This is definitely the first Swedish film from 1920 that I've seen on Blu-Ray. It is in very good shape. It's really pretty impressive, especially the ghostly scenes with the carriage of death. The story isn't all that spectacular though. It's a fairly plotting and sentimental tale of life gone wrong essentially. An interesting piece of film history, but not terribly entertaining, at least in my current state of mind. It gets three stars simply because it is such a beautiful, sophisticated, and moving Swedish film that was made in 1920. Impressive, but it can't hold a candle to the likes of Griffith. However, this films are chock full of action whereas this is about redemption and introspection.

Frances H (au) wrote: I wanted to give this film a 4 star rating, but the script just didn't have the zing that his kind of film used to have in the 1940s era. What it did have was fantastic arial fight sequences, a good cast and even a good music score.