Basket Case 2

Basket Case 2

Having eluded the authorities after a series of grisly murders, the pair find sanctuary at the palatial home of Granny Ruth, an eccentric philanthropist who rallies the cause of "Unique Individuals". But even amongst "friends" the pair soon find themselves having to confront their murderous past.

After being saved in the hospital, Duane and his misshapen brother Belial soon become the focus of the media around the country. Enraged at the curious reporters, the two devise a plan to do away with the reporters once and for all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Basket Case 2 torrent reviews

Rendy S (ru) wrote: "The Kid with a Bike" taught us that random acts of kindness could change someone else life forever. A required viewing in this cynical society.

Shawn S (br) wrote: The building up is drawn out to the point of tedium and the scares are meager at best.

Jonathan G (es) wrote: From the director of 'Step Into Liquid' (and son of the legendary director of 'Endless Summer'), comes a movie that doesn't quite make it up to par with the others. Yes, it has some great surf footage from the top pro-surfers (guys & ladies), but the movie can't decide if it's a documentary on 2009's Triple Crown contest or a documentary about life and the history of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. If you love surfing, you'll like it. If you don't, you'll at least 'get it' with this movie. It explains itself well to the novice viewer. I'd choose a few other surf movies to watch first though.

Alejandro M (fr) wrote: You can sum up this entire movie with "Are you serious..." Every five minutes something happens that makes you doubt the vision of director and screen writter alike. Cliche city. The CGI (if you can even call it that) is utter garbage, the fish does not look menacing or even real. And what is up with the soundtrack!!! Some songs do not fit at all with what is going on!!! It's a real shame...

Mikael S (nl) wrote: One thing that I don't like from the movie is the weirdness sense of brotherly love from older brother to his younger brother.

Ben M (nl) wrote: A typical story of a sex obsessed jock who learns to love. With plot points drawn from almost every teen comedy this film is predictable down to who gets the girl. Some humour is in place though that still makes it an alright movie if you are looking for a comedy.

Christopher M (de) wrote: Not bad. kinda cheesy

Michael T (jp) wrote: Three Stooges and a Storm. . .just about as silly as it sounds.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: The apex of the buddy cop comedy action thriller. It is such an influential movie to the action genre that I recommend everyone see it.

Connor S (ru) wrote: Good concept, good script, and good soundtrack. This movie is pretty awesome and is a must see if you like immortals chopping other immortals heads off.