Director Julian Schnabel illustrates the portrait of his friend, the first African-American Pop artist Jean-Michel Basquiat who unfortunately died at a young age and just as he was beginning to make a name for himself in the art world. Alongside the biography of Basquiat are the artists and the art scene from early 1980’s New York.

Basquiat tells the story of the meteoric rise of youthful artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Starting out as a street artist, living in Thompkins Square Park in a cardboard box, Jean-Michel is "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KarlMichael S (ag) wrote: Lovely story, great actors, but bad filming (at times is looks like a TV reality show).

Scott W (nl) wrote: As a dog person, the ending is one of the most heart wrenching things ever

Brett B (gb) wrote: not bad def a B movie

Grant S (fr) wrote: Pretentious gangster-samurai movie. Had heaps of potential but the plot easily lost focus and drifted for large parts. Heaps of scenes that were just padding. Pretty much anything involving the French guy or the little girl was just there to make up the time. If Jim Jarmusch's idea was to do a Tarantino-meets-Kurosawa movie, he missed on both parts. His attempts at digression to lighten the mood (Tarantino-style) are dull. His plot doesn't have Kurasawa's focus nor pacing.Not all bad. Strip away the pretense and padding and the plot is decent. Action is good. Good performance by Forest Whitaker in the lead role. Supporting cast are weak though. Isaach De Bankol is irritating as the French guy, especially as his part was totally unnecessary and contributed much to the pretentiousness of the movie.

Randi P (ca) wrote: 'frombe!' this is another guilty pleasure, it was one of my favorites in high school. i love the music [rilo kiley, lulu, op8, cat power etc...]

Christina B (gb) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies. It's a somewhat intricate, but not so convoluted storyline. A superstitious detective is sent to California to investigate an insurance fraud, but is taken by surprise whenever he witnesses the brutal slaying of a former cult member by two cult members. He is then contacted by a mysterious woman, Dorothea Swann, in the cemetery who is somehow connected to the ex-cult member. She does not reveal this connection immediately, but asks Detective D'Amour to investigate the former cult member's death on the behalf of her husband, a successful true magician who disguises his gift as an elaborate theatrical act.**SPOILER ALERT**D'Amour attends one of Philip's magic shows, where Philip is impaled to death on stage. Aware of Philip's connection to the other ex cult member, everyone becomes a suspect. After the show, Harry investigates backstage where he is assailed by two cult members, killing one of them.At Swann's funeral viewing, Harry confronts the widow, having discovered that she was not completely honest about who she was. Dorothea reveals that she was kidnapped by Nix, the formidable cult leader believed to teach Swann his magic, years earlier and Philip rescued her and, feeling indebted, married him. Philip now presumably dead, Dorothea and Harry sleep together. Phantoms begin appearing and attacking the couple. D'Amour catches Swann wearing a disguise, as he attempts to go into hiding.Investigating, Harry D'Amour discovers an underworld involving murder, wonder, and esoterism. I'm generally attracted to Clive Barker movies. No, I don't read graphic novels, but I'm enticed by the supernatural/Occult themes and gritty, grotesquely beautiful visual effects. Watching this movie in the CGI age of movies, it looks very dated, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; it affects an atmospheric ghoulish decadence. There is some good acting in this movie, particularly by Daniel von Bargen. As the charismatic cult leader, he is creepy; after he is resurrected, his performance will make your flesh crawl. The score is also excellent.

Jacob K (br) wrote: A good concept that is just a little different than other horror movies with a revealing end but is still inconclusive.

Ashley H (it) wrote: Trick Baby is an enjoyable film. It is about two Phildelphia con men try to evade gangsters they have conned and cops who are trying to put them in jail. Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Larry Yust did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and drama.

Johnny B (es) wrote: A pretty good thriller.

Nicky N (ru) wrote: Another Good Elvis Movie.B

Cayli L (fr) wrote: I liked it but why did they have to go and change all the voices.

Matthew L (us) wrote: Mars Needs Moms is lame and stupid in a very forgetful way.

Mohamed J (fr) wrote: My precious two hours ??