Basta che non si sappia in giro!..

Basta che non si sappia in giro!..


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Basta che non si sappia in giro!.. torrent reviews

Richard E (ag) wrote: Ok its low budget CGI, and not historically accurate but its intended to be a action packed kick-ass fun film. Vikingdom does what many mainstream films have not yet done: for example the films centres around a calm collected Viking with his south-london speaking friend and a martial artist from the far east to defeat a badass Thor -awesome.Lots of wonderful Norse myths appear in this well-researched film such as the underworld, gods and druids who actually possesses magical powers! Its also great for the atheists to take the back bench on this one - the gods exists and no one's moaning and mocking it.The added touch that gives this one top ratings is that some warriors in the group have character backgrounds built up and many twists that you don't see coming. Further the plot is relatively simple yet somehow includes huge diversity from hunting relics, epic battles, father brother and lover relationships, demigod vs god concepts and many more.I really hope they release a sequel although this would be hard to beat.

Greg W (ru) wrote: another screwball comedy from this great team (the other is the 'egg and i')

Lisa A (kr) wrote: Congratulations to Guy for creating a great movie. Everyone should see this film.

Catherine B (de) wrote: football movie. smalltown. love.

Emma M (es) wrote: This is an AMAZING telling of the story of Jesus' life here on earth!! I LOVE IT!!

Ben R (jp) wrote: After looking at other critical reviews, I guess I watched a different movie. I liked Nomad. Great photography, realistic military encounters, historically fairly accurate. Overall, just plain good entertainment. Of course I also liked Atila!

Les E (gb) wrote: Not very thrilling but Gere does a good job as does Bai Ling. The political slander is quite heavy handed but i guess if the cap fits.... . I am sure the script could have been better but the agenda just got in the way too much.

Carl N (jp) wrote: So this picks up where part two left off. Radu and his mother take Michelle back to there castle. While there he tries to teach her what it means to be a vampire. What is different from part two is that Radu seems weakened by his love for Michelle. He becomes an object of pity here, not evil incarnate as portrayed in the first two parts. The usual mix of horror and humour are on display here again. One short scene has Kevin Spirtas friend turn up. Bob is a mercenary of some sort? He is corny as hell. Lt. Marin is also given more time, most of it played for amusement. Melanie Shatner plays the role of Rebecca again. She even adds a nude scene. (Sadly from the back) The rest plays out by the numbers horror. Not as intelligent as part two, but fun to watch none the less.

Mathew N (ca) wrote: The Best Film From Lynch

Chris M (mx) wrote: It was a really enjoyable, very magical and very special stop-motion animated Christmas special classic. It had really great animation, really great voice cast, very great narration, really great visuals, really great characters, really fun songs, great adventure and a great story. It's one of the best animated Christmas classics of all time. I will recommend this Christmas special to both children and adults.

Noname (de) wrote: This sequel was decent like the first movie. Not so funny movies tho and perhaps Ice Cube fits better in other genres then comedy but still there are some fun scenes. Story shortly is about he and his family buying a new house but their new home is a total disaster... There are alot better movies out there but if u havent anything else to watch go ahead with this one.

Jacques P (es) wrote: I would have given it at least a 4 1/2 if the soundtrack weren't so idiotic and tonally awkward. Besides that, I would strongly recommend We Need To Talk About Kevin.

John S (es) wrote: Animal House, the Vacation movies, Saturday Night Live ... all the glory resides on screens big and small, yet the germ of subversive, frat boy comedy under the National Lampoon banner belongs in print. And it takes a documentary film to hammer that point home.Aside from a bevy of great early performances by the Lemmings comedy troupe (many would go on to SNL), and the Lampoon Comedy Hour radio bits (ditto), the rightful focus here is on the subversive comedic rag that morphed from the Harvard Lampoon back in 1970, to become the adult version of MAD magazine. Started and run by two ridiculously prolific smart asses Doug Kenney and Henry Beard, the monthly satire lowered acerbic taste levels to new found depths.Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog. Check.Hitler alive and on tropical vacation. Check.If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagon he'd have been president. Check.Taboo? What's that?All great stuff here, and way too much for just one doc, so Tirola smartly zips through the obligatory John Belushi clips and focuses on mad genius creator Doug Kenney, whose story is crazier than anything he created in fiction. A Doug Kenney documentary (who?) would have bombed, so kudos for pulling a fast one.Absolutely riveting.- hipCRANK