Bastard Swordsman

Bastard Swordsman

Hsu Shao-chiang stars as a veritable "Spider-Swordsman" - master of the "Silkworm Style" - in this eye-filling, mind-bending martial arts phantasmagorical which truly warrants the description: "unforgettable."

Yun Fei Yang is the viciously bullied orphan who takes on the unpleasant tasks at a formidable kung-fu school. Constantly mocked by the other students of the school, Yen counts as his only friend the daughter of the resident master. Any internal wrangling between the various members is put to one side when a swordsman from a rival clan reminds the master of the duel he must take part in once a decade. Unfortunately the defending clan chief is well aware that his rival is more powerful than himself. The expected defeat is further complicated when a wandering swordsman arrives on the scene and joins himself to the injured party, immediately adding to Yen's woes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (jp) wrote: A ridiculously dysfunctional family. The daughter, a super competitive jump roper, kidnaps her family. The family is a gay weird brother, a younger brother who remembers every conversation ever had, an uptight money hungry cheating mother, and a failed artist father. I remember a movie awhile back where a group of kids kidnap all their parents and make them spend time reflecting. This was a lot like this. Very good, though.

Gary B (mx) wrote: violent & bloody with bad acting & cheese

Nandini (au) wrote: Lovely movie. Very sensitively done.

Petros T (it) wrote: At times relentlessly funny and overall very well-written, "Silicon Tears" is a well-made parody of - and tribute to - the Greek comedies of the '60s and the '70s. The cast is delicious.

Diana H (au) wrote: An interesting take on vampirism, before Twilight was a thing.

Gina B (jp) wrote: Kristin Scott Thomas is one of the world's finest actresses. Script fails to deliver to her talent. Very dramatic ending...

Naoya K (gb) wrote: Unbelievably frustrating film to watch. Nothing works. What's worth to watch is only cinematography.

Curren W (us) wrote: When a film in the Pink Panther franchise actually gets rated lower than the Steve Martin film, you know that something's gone horribly wrong. Hell, I even enjoyed the first Steve Martin film, and I couldn't stand more than 30 minutes of this mediocre borefest they call a comedy!

Ric D (ca) wrote: I like the look of this movie, it was entertaining

jeremy s (nl) wrote: scene: singing around the table at the restaurant.

Black S (nl) wrote: "Grave Digger" Jones & "Coffin Ed" Johnson and their nickel plated .357 Magnums jump out of the Novels and return in the second (and last) adaptation of the Harlem headbusters. 70's atmosphere, twisted humor, and the lead actors make it a cult classic worth a look if you are into it...

Juan Diego L (ag) wrote: Muy aburrida, la trama no me gust, lenta, haban escenas que se podan eliminar fcilmente y que ni tenan sentido para mi, y los personajes no convencieron, no siento apata hacia ellos.

Cathleen K (ag) wrote: great example of giallo (thought there is hardly any gore). so sleazy and murderific. and that fabio testi has mind control powers (i swear it)