• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bastardi 2008 full movies, Bastardi torrents movie

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Bastardi torrent reviews

Timm S (ag) wrote: Pure Self-Promotional Garbage...She's Not Even Dead Yet?? People Wait Years, Decades, Even Centuries To Be Recognised As A Memorable Artist Or Performer...This, On The Other Hand Is MTV Trying To Be Pragmatic But Looking More Dogmatic To All That Is 'Katy Perry'...Meh, You're No Madonna Or Michael Jackson..Flashing Lights & Fireworks Won't Help You Either!

Charles P (au) wrote: An inspired little English yarn with a good dose of physical comedy

Lydia J (ag) wrote: This is just a FUN film. There's romance, comedy, MELODRAMA beyond melodrama--and song/dance numbers!! What more could you ask for in a purely entertaining film? Loved it!

The M (gb) wrote: I had borrowed this beliving that is was just fiction.In the pile of other less desirable movies it went.Then by pure coincidence I just happened(?) to see one of the Mitchell Brothers films. It was funny and quirky and that made me want to know more about the brothers.After a bit reading I stumbled over this "biography"(I use that term lightly) by real life brothers Charlie and Emilio(why Sheen btw? Estevez is much cooler).It is directed by Emilio himself... and it's terrible.I was really hoping for something interesting, but Estevez shused the wrong sequences in the Mitchells life to empathize with.With all the number of times that the brothers was up in court alone should make a whole movie. Emilio though, wanted to highlight their drug-abuse instead. Sure Charlie makes a funny narcotic, but I want the other story!!You can easily skip this one.

Derek H (au) wrote: A pretty good weed movie thats not your typical funny goofy pot movie. Worth the watch.

Evan L (nl) wrote: haha. this movie was pretty great. kinda corny and fake but overall good.

Keith A (br) wrote: An family-friendly romp with Sinbad & Phil Hartman providing the laughs. Keep your ears open during the end credits as they sing fast food variations of classic X-Mas carols.

Drago C (ca) wrote: The Troll Series or, rather, moniker as the movies are wholly unrelated and feature no trolls aside from the first one, has achieved fame/infamy through the now world famous second movie, a quintessential example of 'so bad it's good'. Yet the first one is odd and fascinating on its own. A horror movie where both the hero and the villain are kids? The evil douchy troll villain actually has a heary and empathy for a sickly dwarf english professor? Sonny Bono and Julia Louis Dreyfus? Masterful puppetry, a lighthearted slapstick tone and that je ne sais quoi that allowed american horror-for-kids cinema to bloom in one of the most conservative times in living media history make this film a truly bizarre and often enjoyable watch.

Faisal F (mx) wrote: Film ini cukup bagus, dengan ceritanya yang sad ending, serta sarat tarian2 bollywood yang kental poin + untuk lagu2nya yang mencerminkan kisah sedihnya, untuk aishwarya rai walau bukan penampilan terbaiknya seperti biasa sangat menjiwai perannya.......

Victoria S (ag) wrote: Good film based on the famous Leopold-Loeb murder trial. Wonderful cast of Orson Wells, Dean Stockwell and the (very sexy) Bradford Dillman.

Ben D (ru) wrote: Harmless children entertainment. It's nothing special, but no the worst thing ever either.

Doctor D (us) wrote: An original movie, I enjoyed watching it but I feel like there is some inconsistency, and it sometimes cut your immersion. Good movie still !

Andr D (jp) wrote: "The Purge" es una historia de terror y ciencia ficcin en la que en un futuro cercano (2022), se impone en Estados Unidos una vez al ao una "purga", en la que, por toda una noche, las personas son libres de asesinar sin consecuencias legales. Esta es una premisa algo absurda, pero gracias a la actuacin de Ethan Hawke, que se sale un poco de los personajes estereotipados de cintas de este tipo y de un malfico Rhys Wakefield, as como de algunas secuencias de suspenso bien logradas, el espectador logra sobrevivir a la purga.

Russell G (fr) wrote: Interesting mainly cause being a Ford film, you expect it to go strait to the more western aspects. Instead it spends a lot of time showing what home life on the frontier was like, as opposed to the battles and action. Makes for a good movie that pays off later on. Fonda is fantastic as usual.