Bastardi 3

Bastardi 3

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Amanda H (ca) wrote: It isn't the worst horror movie in the world, but as with other movies that do the same thing, they have one of the survivors telling the story at the beginning, which totally eliminates the better part of the mystery. While tension rebuilds, it is taken down several notches when the core group argues that they cannot figure out a way to get out of the sanitarium, meanwhile two, taped-in window air conditioners (one with the obvious blue tape) are showcased behind them. HmmmmI'd push, jump, climb and shinny my way down, if my life was dependent on it. I do see a lot of beginner-type effort here, which is laudable. Yet, I must add that it is JUST watchable. If one uses a remote control to skip through the "tattle-tale, poor-man-in-the-bed" sections, at least until the end, they will enjoy it a lot more. Well, uhh-oh..and then don't worry that the ending, which leaves one without a CLEAR understanding of why the viewer should have invested that much time in watching and seeking the answer to the movie!Just, just ok.

Marcy S (au) wrote: This was a well-done, powerful and timely movie. It should be shown in every school (oops, can't do that) to every young person. I attempted suicide in middle school, if not for someone who cared enough to intervene, I would not be here. Take movie seriously,Someone's life may depend on your response!

Kirsha B (gb) wrote: brilliant movie the NO.2

Ben L (kr) wrote: Underrated tale of a Rhodesian missionary is intense and heartfelt.

Andy C (es) wrote: This is the title of a film that actually came out post 2000 starring different people...I accidentally marked it as "Want to see" before seeing the entry for the actual correct film now this entry shall forever stain my profile.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Michael T (ru) wrote: Disgustingly disgusting.

Haytham K (de) wrote: This was supposed to be scary, it turned out to be painfully dumb!

Shafkat C (nl) wrote: A dark plot but yet very entertaining!!

Carina D (nl) wrote: The team is shite and the story typical British, but the dream is the same worldwide. Football classic in its own sense.