Provocative, funny and profoundly moving, Bastardy is the inspirational story of a self proclaimed Robin Hood of the streets. For Forty years and with infectious humour and optimism, Jack Charles has juggled a life of crime with another successful career- acting

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Provocative, funny and profoundly moving, Bastardy is the inspirational story of a self proclaimed Robin Hood of the streets. For Forty years and with infectious humour and optimism, Jack Charles has juggled a life of crime with another successful career- acting . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oliver N (ru) wrote: A major step forward from its three predecessors, while it still doesn't contain the action of Bourne, or the suave of Bond, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol doesn't fail to entertain for its entire run-time. Full of intense action, a strong plot and a sense of fun, MI:4 more than makes up for its few flaws.Verdict: A-

Alec B (jp) wrote: Yeah Fred Willard is hysterical but I'll make the case that its Posey and Hitchcock who actually steal the show here. Their willingness to be as unpleasant as possible in every scene they have is quite admirable.

Phillip D (ca) wrote: True Lies is the epitome of 90's action. Cheesy, over the top and dated, it is still a pretty entertaining ride.

Mia D (de) wrote: Cute movie. Peter O'Toole is - well, Peter O'Toole. Crazy, charming as always. It's a lot of love in the movie, but the ending is a bit cheesy for me. A good movie for a Sunday afternoon...

David S (kr) wrote: The film is saturated with a rich and textured atmosphere - the incredible sets, costumes, and lighting all help to create this - and the performances are uniformly good... However, the script itself tries too hard to be like the hard boiled fiction it emulates and thus the narrative is rather conventional and, consequently, predictable. Still, it is a nice little homage to the pulpy crime tales of the 1930's.

David R (au) wrote: " Somebody given you a ruckin? Come and tell your uncle Ronnie" A classic and the soundtrack is amazin Not to be missed

Enrico C (us) wrote: One of the best Melville and maybe the best "polar" ever. Lino Ventura is here Gu Menda, a gangster of the first generation carrying his ethics in a world that has changed. A tragedy dressed up as a noir. Perfect in the timing of the drama, with all the void spaces as in a Ozu movie. Wonderful black and white.

Augustine H (ca) wrote: Controversial and profane to Christians this film may seem, the story of Elmer Gantry is a vivid depiction of the deeds many churches are actually engaging in under the name of God. It's just many people are blindly denying this unspeakable truth, for everyone knows that religion is too good to be used as an exploitative tool on believers as God always has might power. If moral obligations are effective, why do the scandals of church never stop? Cynical may I sound; regrettably authentic it is in the contemporary world! In God we Trust? What a hypocrite. By the way, anyone who wants to become a successful preacher, politician or good public speaker should watch the wicked yet flamboyant Burt Lancaster here for his language art. His charisma prevents the audience from hating him despite his evil deeds after all.

Sarah A (ca) wrote: I love this movie! Why can't they make films like this anymore? It's funny and cute, and just a feel-good movie.

Rosemarie S (jp) wrote: good & funny & Hitchcock-style of solving a murder case... Even better than the first one... William Powell & Myrna Loy were fantastic together... very cute dogs & their interactions...

Calib M (fr) wrote: I love John Carpenter, ''The Thing'' (1982) is one of my all time favorite movies, ''Halloween'' (1979) is one of the best horror movies and the best slasher movie of all time, ''They Live'' (1988) is a creative and original movie that's very entertaining, and ''Escape from New York'' (1981) is a solid sci-fi flick. But holy hell, 1986's ''Big Trouble in Little China'' is one of the most ridiculous, stupid, and campy movies i've ever seen.The characters are as flat as a table, the dialogue is laughable (almost every line of dialogue seems like a cheesy one-liner from a Schwarzenegger film), the effects are pretty bad for todays' standards, and the story goes nowhere after an hour. It seems like such a great idea too! A big-budget, high-tech Hollywood action movie that takes all the clichs of kung fu, and Jackie Chan, and does them right. But ''Big Trouble in Little China'' doesnt do them right unfortunately. "Big Trouble in Little China" takes Jack Burton (portrayed by Kurt Russel) and his friends on a journey through one death-defying challenge after another, and throws in magicians, sorcerers, karate masters and a 2,000-year-old man. The first 30 minutes of the movie gave room for hope. It was fast-moving, it was visually spectacular (not by today's standards, but back then, certainly), it was exotic and lighthearted and filled with a spirit of adventure. But then, gradually, the movie began to recycle itself. It began to feel as if I was seeing the same thing more than once. After one amazing subterranean chamber had been survived and conquered, everybody fell down a chute into another one. By the end of the movie, I was just uninterested and weary. ''Big Trouble in Little China'' benefits from a rollicking wise-ass performance from Kurt Russell, which does result in having a smile on your face whenever he's talking, despite it being a flat character, and a mediocre performance. (Still entertaining to watch tho)I gave it 2.5/5 simply because it probably is entertaining to watch on a lazy friday night when you're drunk. When i watched it, it was simply entertaining here and there, but as a movie, it's pretty bad.

John H (jp) wrote: The seat belt choking scene was awesome

Jordan P (au) wrote: Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale exhibit enough committed chemistry to add just the right amount of emotional complexity, making Vacancy a tense, terrifying experience that uses snuff filmography to illustrate the filmmakers' unabashed love for violent cinema.

Nathan C (kr) wrote: Christine is about a car that kills people.Exciting!!Score: 7/10

Adam M (ca) wrote: Saw this because of Eli Roth. There are a couple of original shots and some funny moments, and in the gross-out, sadistic violence and celebration of crudity, it successfully does the horror movie as a Looney Tunes farce, although Joe Dante and George Miller have done that with finesse. The misogyny turns so ridiculous and atonally repetitive -- "YuOU--BITCH! YuOU--BITCH! Yu-OU" get the idea -- the movie can't be a real satire of misogyny. It just makes misogynists men who can't seal the deal because they're either ugly and socially backward or trying to get into the pants of girls who aren't sufficiently deprived of self-esteem and brains. Its flippant vision of the consumer culture in the late twilight of the 70s is unique -- almost equal to Repo Man's early 80s take -- and frankly, I would have liked to see it in another movie.