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Basti Aur Bazaar


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Kersey B (de) wrote: I am not quite sure if there was an accurate historical portrayal of the characters in the film.

Harry W (us) wrote: The technical errors in Wiltless Prediction are too amateur, with the stupid editing techniques and poor sound editing combined with crap effects which throws the entire experience off, even without the stupid script. But that proves to be the downfall of Witless Protection because for some reason director Charles Robert Carner thought that Larry the Cable Guy's flatulence could last 99 dreary minutes of running time. Witless Protection feels like a comedy sketch stretched over features length running time at the expense of any clever writing or humour whatsoever. As much as Larry the Cable Guy tries, he is not fit for the lead role in a live action feature length film, particularly one with such horrible writing and directing. There is no passion in Witless Protection, except for Larry the Cable Guy, and even he doesn't shine much of a bright spot on this sorry excuse for a film which has stupid writing, pathetic characters with lack of motivation, and above all no sense of fun. Witless Protection is an abysmal failure.But what really pissed me off was that one of the key reasons I watched Witless Protection was because it featured Jenny McCarthy. Yet despite her receiving top billing and a featured spot on the movie poster, she doesn't even receive five minutes of screen time in Witless Protection and even then she has little to work with, so why they even bother using her name is a waste. And the only benefit Ivana Milicevic brings to the screen is looking vaguely like Natasha Henstridge, the attractive female from species. But since Witless Protection couldn't even take advantage of a former playboy model like Jenny McCarthy then of course it's not going to do anything for Ivana Milicevic. It does nothing for anyone, not for its actors and not for its audiences, so Witless Protection is a film I would advise you not to waste any of your time with.

Stephanie T (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. I don't care what other people say about it. It was and is a great movie.

Ashna A (gb) wrote: who wouldn't love this inuyasha movie

Frank R (ca) wrote: I rarely see a movie more than once in the theatre. I happily made an exception with this film. I never get tired of it, and I always sit right through to the end to hear the great Sarah Vaughn sing "Wave"--which unfortunately is not on the soundtrack CD, which reminds me I need to replace! I even loved that puffer-fish and wanted one as a pet, though I know they are not meant to be.

Greg R (fr) wrote: To sum it up in one sentence: Porco Rosso is a charming and underrated Miyazaki classic.

Guye J (de) wrote: This 1984 movie is a classic! Joe Morton, Tom Wright, Steve James and Bill Cobbs did an excellent job! This movie shows that even on another planet, African people are being oppressed! Love how the director had Joe Morton next to my elementary school in Harlem on 135th street at the end of the movie!

Becca A (de) wrote: He became a Wright Burk! :D

Lory (au) wrote: Espectaculares pelculas de la poca de oro..

Blake P (ru) wrote: This movie is pretty light on plot. Or you could say relatively no plot at all. Anyways, Lena Horne stars in this big- budget musical directed by Andrew Stone is 1943. Supported by an all- African American cast (some white people with their face painted black I might add), "Stormy Weather" is just a plain old FUN time. Unlike many musicals that were getting really popular in the 1940s, this is not in Technicolor, which honestly adds to the style of this movie. Also unlike those other movies, this one actually has catchy, bluesy songs, and Lena Hornes soulful rendition of "Stormy Weather" is just beautiful, and its very easy to see why here she is considered such a big deal today. She was the first Black star they had in this business, and though she eventually got blacklisted, her films are still very memorable today, especially this one which is superb. Even though this movie might not have a plot, or even good acting involved, who cares? This is a groundbreaking film that anyone will enjoy.

Alex R (jp) wrote: If this was a cartoon it would be funny. But its not and it isn't.

Michael R (nl) wrote: Frailty is a dark and unsettling horror film that clings to viewers bones long after it's over. Great direction and an even more impressive performance from Bill Paxton.

Mohamed G (jp) wrote: I've watched this movie since a relatively short period of time and I think it's one of the best films that dealt with the issue of time travel change that has happened in the community to become a gold and silver are traded currency return to the past but in the future where no return of money value and how can future change because doing one such murder or child, but there is one thing mysterious in the film when he kills the hero himself in the past and then go into the future is supposed to occur the same events, but recognizes the woman and kill and decide while returning to the past to change it in order not to die, his girlfriend and cause the achievement of the future as if it is the reason why the future of the hero changed

Benjamin F (it) wrote: Nice!!! Can't wait for part 2

Ed M (us) wrote: Charlton Heston making movie history in this movie addressing the U.S. Army and Indians in the Civil War era.