Bastille Day

Bastille Day

Michael Mason is an American pickpocket living in Paris who finds himself hunted by the CIA when he steals a bag that contains more than just a wallet. Sean Briar, the field agent on the case, soon realises that Michael is just a pawn in a much bigger game and is also his best asset to uncover a large-scale conspiracy.

The film follows a young con artist and former CIA agent as they embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France. As a 24hr thrill ride ensues, the unlikely duo discover they are both targets and must rely upon each other in order to take down a common enemy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (ru) wrote: Although the film approaches character relationships in quite a two dimensional fashion, it's engaging and tense throughout. The church sequence in the last half hour is particularly great.

Chip M (gb) wrote: I had no idea Mike Judge was capable of making something bad...

mrs e (ag) wrote: Terrible,one of the most stupid plots ever

Anthony C (it) wrote: that movie was funny. it shows how kid actors need to have a childhood while still acting or it will bite them in the ass

Anderson R (it) wrote: Great movie. Great message presented in a unique way. Excellent all around and highly reccommended

Brian H (us) wrote: A fine docu-drama that brought history alive with a screen-fitting story. It prompted me to read and seek out more. Something, though -- I'm not quite sure what -- stopped short of enthralling me as these political dramas sometimes do. So 4 stars for me.

Max S (de) wrote: This movie is remarkable. It represents teenage revolt as well as an interesting idea that someone can influence so many with their unique view on the world. Also a great point made on high school corruption.

Graham M (de) wrote: While not scary, it more than meets the criteria to be creepy

Charles P (de) wrote: The City of the Living Dead has all the archetypes of giallo horror - absurd plotting, stomach-churning gore, etc. - but it's also a bad example of the genre. It's stupid, pointless, and, worst of all, boring.

Phil H (gb) wrote: Probably one of the more well known older creature features that has obviously gone on to inspire further films. To be honest one reason why this is more famous than others is probably down to having Shatner in the lead role.The plot is pretty obvious really isn't it, the title says it all, its about spiders and they're killing everybody. But more specifically its about the use of pesticides and how they are wiping out the food source for all these tarantulas (yep that's right tarantulas). This is causing the eight legged creepy crawlies to band together and go off in search of larger prey. So naturally they are after humans after taking down some other larger animals.What is so funny about this film is the fact that the spiders clearly have no interest in being film stars haha. In every scene the arachnids are merely milling around like spiders do, obviously more terrified of what's going on around them. At no point do they ever look scary or intimidating because it was obviously very hard to get these furry critters to do what was intended. The way some victims are lurching about supposedly dying whilst being attacked is quite amusing because you can see they are trying to balance the spider on themselves so it doesn't fall off or run away.In 'Arachnophobia' the spiders are actually really creepy and do make your hair stand on end because they are skinny, bony, fast and look vicious. Plus the camera angles and use of classic phobias relating to spiders such as finding them inside things, in the shower, in food, the way they scamper around so quickly etc...In this film you don't get any of that because tarantulas are big thick furry things that look like hairy gloves basically. Sure they are scary but they move slowly or not at all and they are known to be harmless so the terror effect doesn't really kick in.The other issue is the fact this small town is being over run by the tarantulas, yet when you get shots of the spiders outside they are just sitting there doing nothing, and there might only be about ten of them haha. There clearly wasn't much care for these furry fellas either as you see some get crushed and run over by vehicles in some shots!. I think the tarantulas are in more danger than the humans in this film.Its hokey ass stuff that's for sure, a guilty pleasure that's pure 70's garbage. It hasn't dated too well either geez, the soundtrack is awful and the picture quality is terrible, actually looks like its been filmed on a handheld by students. It looks like a typical seedy 70's porn flick in places.Its the sight of good old Shatner doing his thing which keeps you going. His over acting in places is the stuff of legend and hilarious, yet I gotta give kudos to him for picking up live tarantulas and having them on his body brrrr (if they were real that is). There are also some other nice shots of victims covered in webbing and tarantulas, brave extras, I wouldn't.Mega cheesy and utterly ridiculous but reasonable fun, the films final twist is actually really good and quite a bold move, don't get endings like that much.

PeiJean L (ca) wrote: Less engrossing than Patton, but nonetheless it is a good film. A good performance by Peck as the egotistical MacArthur.

Will L (kr) wrote: Frank Capra strikes black comedy gold!

Patrick N (it) wrote: This movie was awesome, the action and the storyline were just the main reason this movie was awesome