Bat $#*! Crazy

Bat $#*! Crazy

Is it real or a nightmare?

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Bat $#*! Crazy torrent reviews

Chris B (gb) wrote: 3 Idiots is a Bollywood film that is equal parts inspiring and concerning. The movie is beautifully shot, with bright colours and locations typical of the genre, but what sets it apart is its unique plot of a group of university students looking to become engineers. The characters are all likeable, with strong acting from each. It also features several great musical numbers, though it is a little disappointing that they all took place in the first half of the film. On the down side, the movie brushes over issues such as suicide, as if they are just a regular occurrence that is just a fact of life. The lives of those lost are not cherished. I don't expect it to devolve into melodrama, but with three attempted suicides in the movie, it felt like a cheap ploy for drama. The movie also wraps itself up a little too neatly, though this certainly doesn't stand out in the genre. Overall, it is a good time, with a good message, but at three hours long, it can also feel a little preachy and drawn out. Check it out if you are interested in Bollywood but don't know where to start.

Ife M (nl) wrote: this movie was just BAD, in all the ways bad could be, it was no comedy . watching paint dry is more thrilling. the relationships are forced and the lack of humor boring. the main characters present absolutley no depth and boader on the edge of black satire , that is poorly communicated to the viewer as well as the film it took to print this film.. just dont see it one of the worse movies ever.

Liam O (nl) wrote: After an awkward one-night-stand neither of them can remember, Micah and Joanne get breakfast. Joanne, an introverted upper class black woman who shares an apartment rent free with her white boyfriend who is out of town, shows little interest for Micah and takes every chance she can to repel him. Micah, an extroverted middle/lower class black man finds himself searching for Joanne throughout San Francisco after she forgets her wallet on the cab ride home. Throughout the movie Micah and Joanne gradually become fonder of each other while at the same time challenging each other's way of viewing themselves as a minority in San Francisco. They view themselves as opposites in some ways, Micah feeling suppressed as a minority while Joanne feels as if society cannot define her. The polarities in perspectives of two minorities, use of bright lighting, and monochromatic picture makes for a personal, and thought provoking love story done in the most simplistic way. Not to mention Micah and Joanne are basically the only characters in the movie which makes for an intimate experience for the viewer.

Xristos M (ag) wrote: A film only for fans of the avant-garde horror movies... for all the others don't bother.

Stephen S (kr) wrote: I know this is definitely in the all too familiar realm of "bad" Walken career choices, but it still looks funny.

Sora S (fr) wrote: ???:?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ???? ??????????????????????? ????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???? ???? ??????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ?????? ??????????????????????,??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????!! ???????????????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ?????????????yes?well????book????? ????????????????? ??????????My name is ??????? ??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????book?????????book?????? ???? ????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ??????????Oh, yes, well, I am sorry... ??????????????????????????????????? ????(???????????????????????) ???????????? ??????????????????? ???? ???? ?????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ?????????? ????????????????????????? ????????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ???? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? ????????????????????? ???????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????? ??????????? ??????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????

Mark G (gb) wrote: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: [font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]A really bad concert film against nuclear energy. Which was used as an excuse to bash America and capitalism. I wonder how much power thet needed for the concert and I wonder how much, "MONEY", these people make, hating they very system that helps them make thier money?[/size][/font]

Alan Z (au) wrote: A ground-breaking experimental masterpiece. Images beautifully told with a witty editing. Overworked camera angles; a thorough use of the slow-motion, and a bizarre but suberb use of stop-motion. This concept of capturing daily aspects of a society give authentic art to the story told through real images. Life never was so meticulously shown. That is the greatness of this work; the real films are our lives, and the expressions of a human being can be so marvelously engraved. 'Man with a Camera" is a very unique film in which anything can be art if you have skills and a broad knowledge about life and its motion.

(gb) wrote: Watch Fear of a Black Hat instead. Because it's actually funny. And relevant. Even if you don't like rap. Especially if you like rap.Leave it to Chris Rock to take a great concept and ensure there's not a single laugh-out-loud moment in the whole film, even with Phil Hartman on board. Surely, I thought, as much as I love rap music and as many times as I've heard references to CB4 in rap songs, that this film would be better, funnier, something. But it wasn't.

Mirkku S (au) wrote: Great music and beautiful animation! Truly underappreciated film.

Simon C (nl) wrote: Quirky, classic Southern Gothic.

Brett E (gb) wrote: The fake previews in the beginning were the best part about the movie, especially Jack Black's. The rest of the movie was good (never great) and I thought Robert Downey Jr's shtick got old quickly.

Sarah C (gb) wrote: If you're into thriller-induced heart palpitations, you've found it. Get ready to have your expectations evaporated.