Bath Salt Zombies

Bath Salt Zombies

In a punk-rock homage to "Reefer Madness," two plot threads intertwine: a hapless junkie falls victim to "Bath Salts" addiction, while a police detective attempts to uncover and stamp out a new strain of designer drug products.

In New York City, potent strands of bath salts have surfaced and have attracted the most devoted bath salt junkies. A young aspiring chemist has developed an even stronger batch... but something has gone horribly wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niral G (nl) wrote: I agree that the story was a bit slow, but overall I was impressed with the fairly deep storyline.

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Timm S (ag) wrote: A Person Of Privilege Visits The Less Than Privileged With Her Monetary Wealth To Find Happiness From Within, Learning From Those With Nothing. Some People Climb Mountains, Others Island-Hop Around Tropical Paradises..It's Not An Unfamiliar Story, What Is Most Annoying Is The Way Julia Narrates Her Sentimental Thoughts Like Bashing You Over The Head With Her Reasons For Change, Like This Hasn't Been Done Before?? We All Go On Some Form Of Life-Enriching Journey In Our Time On This Planet, And If You Don't, Well..You're Wasting An Opportunity For Growth. Unfortunately This Rattles The Changes Off Like Some Sort Of "To-Do" List As If The Mills-&-Boon Idealism Will Set You Free. What Does Set You Free Is Letting Go Of A Need To Change & Just Being Whom You Are In That Moment. Age, Stage & Development, At Whatever Pace It Comes. So Be It. The Moral Of This Story A Little Missing In Among All The Picturesque Camera Work & Musical Montages. It'll Give You A Fuzzy Feeling, So Tick That Box I Guess.

Don S (es) wrote: Slowly paced and overly long. The story, in which a young ronin abandoned at birth must destroy the 48 demons who, in a deal with his father, took his body parts in order to get them back. His sidekick, a female thief, provides comic relief. The battles are fair and over quickly, leading to a choppy feel when compared to the many scenes where they wander in search of the next demon. Worth a look.

charlene k (ag) wrote: it is a sequal to samuri x andinorder to understand it you need to wach the whole series other that it s a sad movie but it worth watching

Alex r (ru) wrote: Python is a mediocre, yet somewhat entertaining B movie. The concept behind this film is pretty interesting. I think that Python could have been a much better horror film if it would have been released by a big studio, had a more developed story, better actors (aside from Robert Englund) this film could have been something intense. However the film is clearly a low budget exercise in terror, and it doesn't quite succeed in pulling off the terror. If you've seen films such as Anaconda, then you've seen this film before. There's nothing new or extremely thrilling about this film. The story is clichd and predictable. The film could have been much better than it is, but unfortunately, Python doesn't deliver anything truly horrifying due to the fact that we know what's going to happen next. As far as B movie movies are concerned, Python is very forgettable. The idea might've been good, and it is interesting. But overall it's a very poorly done and developed idea. Python does manage to be slightly entertaining, but overall fails to be an effective horror film. The film more silly than anything else and the film looks very cheap. Not even Robert Englund could make this film work, and the rest of the cast is pretty bad as well. Starship Troopers actor Casper Van Dien stars in this film as well, and quickly faded into obscurity soon after. His performance in the film doesn't do anything to elevate this film or save it from its mediocrity. You're not missing out on anything great in Python. The concept has been explored so many times before and it's been done better before.

Julian D (it) wrote: i have nothing negative to say about this film. running through the checklist: Baseball? check Hairy Chested Hero? check Moustache ride reference? check Japanese people acting stupid? check Dennis Haysbert NOT plugging All State? CHECK awesome film

August Z (fr) wrote: Absolute B Movie magic! Still a great movie to watch

Brett B (fr) wrote: A by-the-numbers werewolf story, though it boasts a good supporting cast, and it's worth checking out, even if only to watch Cushing play detective.

Craig C (us) wrote: Warmed over Mary Poppins with ho hum acting and script and no memorable songs. The kids may like it, but it has not aged well at all.

Adam M (es) wrote: Brilliant occult/vampire film. Two twin sisters go to stay with family in a town located near the famous Karnstein Castle where the wealthy and enigmatic Count Karnstein lives. The twins uncle, however, happens to be a strict witchfinder and warns them to stay away from the castle and the Count at all costs but one of the twins can't help herself and is soon getting involved in the Counts ritualistic ways which leads to promises of eternal life...Twins of Evil is a standout film amongst Hammers many treasures and features vampirism and occult/witchcraft themes as well as nudity from the sexy Collinson twins who were playboy models at or around the time. Peter Cushing puts in another brilliant performance as the Witchfinder to.A must for horror fans. Particularly fans of occult horror.

Julian E (kr) wrote: "The Duke Saves The Philippines"

Anthony V (mx) wrote: A cute pairing of the great Fredric March and the beautiful Veronica Lake in a wacky comedy with humor than holds up even today. Very entertaining. Fans of March and Lake won't be disappointed and those whom are unfamiliar might be won over.

Logan M (ru) wrote: "Fantasia" has the essence of Disney at its core. Charming stories with memorable characters set to music, it's the magical world of Disney summed up in one feature.