The bathhouse - a place where gay men can go to relax, kick off their shoes (and clothes) and enjoy each other's company. "Bathhouse" takes you into this world of towel clad men, back room ...

One night while at the baths, young campus nerd Rico (Ray An Dulay) meets heartthrob Cris (Jet Alcantara), the chemistry between them is immediately hot and intense. Once that fire cools Rico thinks he has found the ideal man but finds himself on a roller coaster ride of love, jealousy and infidelity as Cris continues his conquest of the baths. Made in the same guerrilla style of his earlier film, Cris Pablo once again uses striking images and strong characters to tell the story of gay life in the Philippines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Les E (ru) wrote: Just about mediocre. Looked as if it was made for TV. The story was very formulaic.

Rhian W (mx) wrote: I really wish they didn't cancel this movie series.

Sal C (au) wrote: Cut a half hour and this would be a great movie.

Cle S (es) wrote: This is by far the worst Asterix adaptation up to now. While its two predecessors had some great moments of fun this movie kept me snoring the whole time due to its infantile humor and the very cheesy effects. Unfortunately the few cast changes don't compensate for the awkwardness of this movie that really makes you want to stick to the comics.

Pankaj P (de) wrote: Poor remake of Laura

Scott C (de) wrote: I kept waiting for the plot to go somewhere, but it just built towards a climax that wasn't what it could have been.

Jayden B (it) wrote: Three and a half stars.

I dont know w (de) wrote: Critics liked it, some people called it slow, but I guess because they like everything fast paced and with explosions, so I'd say I might like this one.

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Rosalind R (de) wrote: I know it is bad but I friggin LOVE this movie. I have no excuses for myself. I just do.

Justin C (br) wrote: "Highlander" is a pretty good film, though it does have problems, like 99% of movies do. Some poor writing, and one unnecessary character in one scene that was just... weird, and the main antagonist being more weird then menacing and memorable keeps this movie from being amazing. But w/ terrific performances from Christopher Lambert, and Sean Connery, and an amazing premise makes this cult classic a great time!

Dan G (de) wrote: Billy Wilder's "Avanti!" is a nice little gem that deserves to be seen more. Most people ignore everything after "The Apartment" in 1960. I know that I did until recently. How foolish I was to do so.

Joshua L (br) wrote: More Accurate Title: "I Accuse My Parents of Having a Stupid Kid"

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