Bathing Beauty

Bathing Beauty

A big splash in her first starring role: Esther Williams is a teacher at a women's college -- and wacky Red Skelton enrolls to be near her. An astonishing flames-and-fountains aquatic finale.

A contrived misunderstanding leads to the breakup of a songwriter and his fiancée. She returns to work as a gym teacher at an all-girls school, but a legal loophole allows the man to enroll as one of her students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex G (au) wrote: You just don't see films like this. While the film has a very hands off approach to its narrative, the footage leaves you cold and scared. There is a look into humanity here that you almost never see.

Shehad D (kr) wrote: some hilarious moments, especially from Aziz Ansari's cameo. def outperformed expectations for a movie i had never heard of before i stumbled across it on my video on demand

Adam H (de) wrote: Okay. So it's a film about a guys photography. But it's more than that. The subject of the photography is essentially not just manufactured landscapes that we build, but also landscapes that are unintentionally created (like mountains of discarded computer monitors in the countryside of China.) It's a fascinating watch. Kind of a slow movie, so I watched it in parts, and had music on/other distractions while I watched it. Very eye opening and a worthwhile watch.

Natko B (gb) wrote: Very touching and well worked out story based on true events. Interesting for sure.

Dig B (it) wrote: seriously, what the hell is this piece of crap?

Dave J (au) wrote: Monday, January 31, 2011 (2006) The Hard Corps ACTION After my second viewing after some years, this one is quite a downer even though the plot consists something never seen before about ex war soldier (Jean Claude Van Damme)from a psyche ward hired as bodygaurd for ex-boxer turn wealthy mogul! The situation of this story is not bad 'but' the action is miniscule and unmemorable with some very bad acting from most of the cast including Van Damm for the exception of Vivica A Fox! Watch this for the curiosity at best to thought up your own way on how to remake this! 2 out of 4

Zeb E (ag) wrote: This is where House Party lost their way and ran too many STOP signs... first House Party? Damn funny, classic. 2nd? Eh... ok I suppose... this one? Same plots, same gags, only with more "hip-hop" talent involved and a PG-13 rating. I hope there isn't a House Party 4 out there...

Jose Miguel G (us) wrote: Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze share an amazing chemistry in this heavily action-packed crime flick, that will set Kathryn Bigelow as one of the big names in the female-directors department.

Tyler D (es) wrote: forgot to rate this last night. the scene with the camera flash/strobe light effect and the freaks gets this the same rating as the first one, even though i definitely liked the first one better.

Matthew J (us) wrote: Thou not without it's flaws this film is an interesting view of events of WWII which will entertain, shock and amaze. A strong recommendation.