Batman: Bad Blood

Batman: Bad Blood

Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance.

The movie follows Nightwing and Robin, each of whom patrol around Gotham City, trying to protect the bustling metropolis from the hoard of dastardly villains that populate it and at the same time trying to find the original Batman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda P (nl) wrote: I Think This Is One Of The Best Hallmark Move I Seen In A long Time And I Love Hallmark Move

Mandy C (ca) wrote: Totally feel in love with the director's view, showing the most scenic and romantic side of Central lifestyle in Hong Kong.Yes, the movie is a clear reflection of the current modern, carefree love story... which I really adore.I guess what they say it true, smoking can really bring people together while Miriam and Shawn looks cute together and their lover-chemistry is simply superb.

Nader H (br) wrote: An unbelievable stupid movie! I threw my croc at this piece of shit!!! You see what I did there? ;)

Tommy M (kr) wrote: This movie... could have been a lot better. They had really good apperiences as in they looked like real black op guys and the kung fu parts were okay. The shooting of the guns sucked but theres a part were it looks realistic when they are shooting someone at the very end. The movies plot was the typical ghost story but a little cooler because it has to do with a military supersolider and a paranormal relationship to the ship. The acting was okay, but there are some cheesy parts where you are just like wow... this movie kinda drags at parts but it will keep you interested as long as you dont have A.D.D, and the ending I thought was dumb like there is gunna be a second one.

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Antonio A (jp) wrote: Best zombie flick...ever.

Nick C (es) wrote: Enthralling film, a bit predictable however presents true life realities and issues in a motion picture where the audience can sympathise with the characters on a journey.

August M (gb) wrote: Not without it's issues, but Frances McDormand is effortlessly flawless and it's worth it just to see her.

Private U (kr) wrote: mas del crimen de las papin, (TESTUD grande!)

Paul C (fr) wrote: The special effects had improved quite a bit by the sequel, with the dinosaurs looking slightly less rubbery and the gore quotient increased. In any case, the acting is still as wooden and the plot is a thinly disguised rip-off of 'Aliens', though making little sense at any time.

David S (de) wrote: Fine performances from Caine and Robertson, well drawn characters, and moments of tough and brutal violence make this film a tense and gritty war film. The film is marred by some stereotyping of the Japanese soldiers and the plot does have its dry spells but it is a solid entry into the "commando" sub-genre.

Matt M (br) wrote: Remake of a 1965 James Stewart vehicle about a pilot on a trip to investigating some oil rigs who crash lands in the middle of the desert is brought to the 21st century. The result is not very exciting, with a structure and tension too mechanical and plot developments too predictable. Apart from some nice photography work, there isn't much to save this film from being another generic remake.

David K (ca) wrote: A load of cliches with tar power does not a good movie make. Avoid. Not even stupid enough to be fun.